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how long does hpv last?

Hi Doc, Im a 29yr old male.  I got infected with genital warts about 15 months ago, they went away, but small warts still show up around my inner thigh and scrotum.  not that many, but enough that i notice.  Will they ever go away?  My dermatologist is wierd.  He's been in the field for a long time, and i still can't get a straight answer out of him.  (i know..get another)
I feel my immune system is strong enough that i can be around sick people, but i can't kick warts.  If i take vitimins A and C, will that help.  I used to get warts when i was little on my feet, and recently I got warts back on my left foot.  
My longtime girlfriend has never had any symptoms and goes to gyn on time.  I had an hiv test (neg) about two years ago and i have had unprotected sex with one other woman.  I never really paid much attention to my gentials untill the hpv. Anyway, my question(s) are; What is the poppy seed like characteristic of my scrotum? (completly smooth). Is it normal that it seems to carry into the lower shaft part of my penis?  When I hardly squeeze my penis the foreskin underneath the bottom of the head looks like there are two small boils.  But only when I squeeze hard.(is that herpes)? i hope not.  For the last several months the bottom part of the foreskin has been slightly red for a while (where you put your index finger to take a leak).  I do masterbate quite often. Oh, well.  Can you please help...?
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I am skeptical that the things on your inner thigh and scrotum are warts.  Warts mostly affect the shaft.  So the first thing you should do is leave the spots alone so as not to confuse things, and find out whether these bumps are actually warts, or whether--and I think this is more likely--they're blocked follicles or cysts.

The "poppy seed" things on your scrotum and penis are almost certainly cysts.  When you squeeze them, white stuff comes out, which doesn't make it herpes.  So don't squeeze.  Just get yourself checked out and move on.


Dr. Rockoff
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