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how to remove blackness of lips

I have black shade on my lips.It looks very ugly.

I want normal color like red/pink lips.

I feel very ashamed when anyone comments on my black lips.

SO kindly suggest me some medical treatment that is easily available in India.

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Lip coloration may be due to genetics, environment and underlying disease conditions. Do other members in the family have darker lip colors?

I suggest that you may start avoiding certain cosmetics that may be irritating or abrasive to the skin. Have you changed any lip stick brand lately? Some ingredients may  cause a reaction and this may present as a discoloration. If there are any associated itchiness, dryness or scaling then this may be an allergic reaction or a dermatitis. In your case, however I suppose this is not applicable.

You may use Kiehl's lip balm with SPF 15 to help protect your lips from direct heat and UV. Other lip balm or lip moisturizers with SPF may also help. There is no definite treatment for dark lips although micropigmentation which is used to apply permanent colors on the lips, eyes and eye brows may be used to bring color to the lips. This is more extensive and entails more risks but may give more dramatic and long lasting results.
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my lips were black since from chilhood.any treatment is there to reduce blackness.i will not any lipsticks.im not that much brown,medium colour.so,please suggest any treatment
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Uhh... See.
It's not VERY obvious on my lips cause they're partially dark.
But I don't use any lipstick or any thing of the sort.
Nor have I changed, obviously.
But yeah, I've had it since my birth. And It's been like that always.
I feel kinda envious when I see other pink lips. SO can you please suggest some ways??
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im a teenager. when i was 7 years old, my lips were pink and beautiful as i used to apply vaseline coming in higher classes i got busy and left the habit then i started getting dark lips, my mother suggested to continue the habit and so i did and started putting petroleum jelly twice everyday but the darkness on the side of my lips and on my lips continued and even after going to many dermatoligists and using different medicenes gave no change ! im now in deseprate need of help! please advise
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Try using any diaper rash ointment containing zinc oxide of at least 16% in it.I've been using it for a week and I've noticed my lips are getting lighter. Good luck.
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