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illerjec reaction on my lips

i recently used a lip gloss on my lips and then a week on a rash a started to form on the top and bottom lip and the skin is very tight and tingerly. what can i use for it to go a way?
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Hi Rebecca: The same thing happened to me, around x-mas I tried a new lip gloss and almos inmediately I developed a rash and then my lips got very dry and sensitive. I went to the store and bought blistex medicated and has helped some. I also called my dermatologist and he recomended CORTIBALM, but not all drugstores carry it, you have to order it. I haven't wore any type of gloss or lipstick for the past 3 days, and I can see a big diference on my lips.
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Stop using the lip gloss immediately. You should use a moisturizing lip balm with sunscreen - preferably a medicated one - ask your dermatologist to prescribe you one.

You also need to drink plenty of water - 1.5 to 2 liters per day and eat a balanced diet and supplement any vitamins or minerals for the deficiency in your diet. Take vitamin B complex for some days.

Apply a glycerin based lip cream at night.

Keep the area clean - wash your face with a face wash several times a day and also clean your face after each meal with a wet tissue or wash it with water generously.

If the symptoms still persist, you should get a review from your dermatologist.

Let us know if you have any doubts.

Good luck.
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My problem is that I was using Blistex medicated lip balm with sunscreen and still developed the rash.  I kept trying to figure out what going on with my bottom lip.  The first time I noticed the weird sensation was when I licked my bottom lip.  I assumed my lips were dry, because I tend to have the same sensation when they are.  I applied the lip balm and assumed it might clear up in a day or so, as usual.  On the third day, I checked in the mirror and noticed little pimple like bumps.  I went over a list in my mind of what had recently came in contact with my lips.  Food?  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Lip balm?  Use a new lip balm when I go to bed.  Bingo.  I usually use Chapstick or Carmex but the store was out of Chapstick and couldn't find the Carmex.  Bought Blistex instead.  Kept applying it to my lips before figuring it out.  I am using old reliable, Carmex, now but I don't know.  I still have them.  They do not hurt and they do not ooze anything, they are just annoying when I apply my Carmex and rub my lips together.  
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This is actually helping me cause I'm having the same problem I've recently use a new lip stick and within a few days my lips broke out and that's the only thing I can think off cause I never had this problem before. I went to the doctor and he told me it wasn't cold sore which I already know that and that it's a reaction to the new lip stick. What was I thinking anyway the lip stick was pretty on me cause it was different but never again I gotta be very careful about what I use on my body period I have very sensitive skin ughh
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