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ingrown hairs?

I have red dots on my legs that are sore and have a little bit of pus in them.  Its kinda itchy and they are only on the front of my legs where i shave.  after its red, it turns into a scar so i have a lot of dots on my leg. could it be ingrown hairs? what can i do about it?
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Your symptoms are suggestive of folliculitis. Folliculitis is inflammation of one or more hair follicles.Sometimes they may have ingrown hair also. The condition may occur anywhere on the skin.It starts when hair follicles are damaged by friction from clothing, blockage of the follicle, or shaving.

Hot moist compresses may promote drainage of extensive folliculitis.Also apply local antibiotics (mupirocin) and take oral antibiotics or antifungal medications to control the infection.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.

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I am a woman and had this issue occur for since the summer last year (2010) after my cat scratched my left thigh. Nothing seemed to ever make it go away completely and the scars left dark dots all over my thighs. Keeping it clean and using proactive wash and lotion on it helped control it, but new tiny blisters would still form and it spread to my right thigh soon after...
I just lived with it, but HATED it!
Recently, I decided to get even healthier than I was before now that I'm 31. I've taken my medical-grade multivitamins for almost 3 years now, but I only took my omega-3 fish oil, rarely.
In early March 2011, I began taking a very concetrated form of fish oil in liquid (not capsule) form (Carlson is the brand name- probably could be found in many whole foods stores).
Also, I began taking Chloroxygen (concentrated chlorophyll from plants) to help detox my body since March 2011.
Within a couple weeks, my folliculitis CLEARED UP!!  I suppose it may be detoxing purged impurities throughout my body, including my skin. The high quality fish oil (which actually tasted good, like canola or vegetable oil) healed my skin!
Try these natural supplements and I hope they work for you!

NOTE: I took these supplements along with my enteric coated multivitamins for overall health and natural energy because I was fed up with feeling tired and run down at only 31 years old...  The folliculitis was just a great side-benefit along with many other benefits I'm noticing, like awesome moods, younger looking, clearer skin, stress not affecting me too bad anymore, and not getting sick when everyone around me is sneezing near me.
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**Correction: "The folliculitis  was just a great side benefit..."
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I meant to type, "The folliculitis clearing up was just a great side benefit..."
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