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invisible biting bugs

Last summer I seemed to have become sensitive to bites to microscopic critters, apparently.  I used to leave the windows open during the day and night.  At first the bites began sporadically in the evenings during dusk.  They would bite my toes and between my fingers.  As time passed the bites increased even during the day. A couple months later I awoke in the middle of the night with a swarm I couldnt see on my scalp and all over. The itch was excrutiating and when I scratched my head they got under my fingernails.  My fingers looked like sausages from all the bites and I took a look in the mirror and my eyes and lips were horribly swollen with red splotches on my face.  I couldnt see any of these biters, even with that many.  The itch lasts several minutes and the swelling was gone by morning when they departed.  I've had to close up my home to keep them out after spraying bug spray and washing the curtains.  I'd open the curtans and they would bite my fingers.  They love fingeres and toes mostly.  It stopped during late winter but is starting again with warmer weather.  Any help identifying? also worse during cloudy weather and at night

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Firstly we have to establish the presence of these bites. I advice that you get a consultation with a dermatologist so that these may be examined thoroughly.Some of thes bites may be microscopic.Your dermatologist may be able to help you identify these. Also, what you are experiencing may be an allergic reaction to dust or pollen. It may also be a reaction to temperature changes.

Do you have any known asthma, allergies, allergic rhinitis?

Post may be old, but the cdc site has hundreds of letters begging for help. Either a new breed of biting mites, or rodent mite. Not bird all the time. Rodent mites that most get from mice, rats, pet birds, and farm birds.

What ever way they do not die from over counter methods. Online remedies are repellents that most do nothing. Mice can spread them all over home. Especially if coming in on wall heat vent piping.

Run microscopic, to pin dot hard round balls, colored white, cream, red, or black Some are powder dust feel them on lint roller, tape, or cloth. Craw to scalp, in nose, ears, and under clothing. If you have several on you. Watch people in a 1-5 foot radius react.

Eye rubbing, ear digging, scalp scratch, and body rubbing. Those sitting next to them, in front, or rear react the same one by one.

Exterminators have no way to diagnose. Too small to see, or do not understand what it is. Enologist the same have no modern enough equipment to tell it not dirt, or dust. House pets can die from assault if hundreds going in nostrils, ears, and fur biting daily.

Hospitals have better luck from testing patients who fell ill from bites, and assault on whole body. Some made news. Tested samples off patient, and found same through out home. Fumigation only method. Most cannot afford, get help, or products needed. Search story online patient Hospitalize from mite bites.

Prepare to let furnishings' go, washing bag cloth, and freezing small items. Maybe commercial freezer for small items. It is a nightmare... Self treatment expensive may not get all.
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I have this problem with invisible biting bugs that are seemingly unable to see with the natural eye.  This is not an alergic reaction as some may say this problem is.  I have tryed all types of bugs fogging and fumigation controls.  Please if anyone can provide some help i would appreciate any assistance.
Thank you
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same problem please post ive ordered mite killer hopefully when it comes in i can get some sleep
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beleive it or not my doctor figured it out, no mites its a viral infection in your body, i never beleived him as i was getting biten and had marks to prove it they would bite i said then leave a almost mosquito bite sometimes small rash appreared
took benadyl last night no bites
try it
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My solution to last summers misery this year was to leave windows closed  at all times and invest in a dehumidifier.  I no longer use bug spray but either 50/50 water and vinegar spray or straight vinegar.  It works very well and isnt toxic.  I still occasionaly get bites but the vinegar eliminates them.  I sometimes spray the vinegar around the bed and onto bedding before bedtime and it has helped alot. And also vacuum frequently.  I have had a much easier season but have found I now  am sensitive to just about everything that bites. I hope this helps.
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The problem we are having is that my 10-yr old keeps getting bit. At first we thought she was crazy, but I have been right next to her and she swells up with bites, like the two bites on her face yesterday.

Do you think this vinegar mixture will work on the carpet also?
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The vinegar works very well on my carpet for the most part, for the type of bites that I described at the beginning of this post.  I also steam clean my carpet frequently along with vinegar solution spray in between cleanings. I think there are other types of microscopic bugs that are airborne and I havent found a remedy for those yet.  Other than lathering a bar of soap and applying it to the itching sometimes helps, but I think it depends on what type of bug has bitten me
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I have only experienced what I am now experiencing in southern california, near the river, and from someone I knew who came from southern az.  the bugs I experience are like little stinging nettle bites.  the sensation doesnt last long but it happens very frequently.  I cannot see anything and I never see a mark from them but it feels like there should be.  I dont exactly feel the crawling so much as a stingy presence.  I have expeinced them before when I lived in cali and I have now moved back after 14 years and I have only experienced it one other time--from the person who moved from az to ou home in ga.  when I loved here before my friend experienced it too and we would shower and change and it would go away until this one friend of ours would come over and it would start again.  this time I picked them up at adult school and I have showered many times and they are not going away.  same exact feeling as last time (14 years ago).  I think they may be some kind of sand mites.
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I am not pronouning a diagnosis but many of these so called invisible bites,belong to a condition called parasitophobia  patients suffering from this even pick a mite,inviible to eye ofcourse but they can see them.This is a specific condition,and all those indeed bitten by mites do not suffer from this.Cocaine is known to produce similar symptoms.
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This problem has been satisfactorily answered for many at a yahoo group.  MORGELLONS_PARASITES
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Had a look at.It is painstaking research to identify possible pathogen.However it could be artifacts.To prove that these stuctures indded cause disease would need adherence to koch postulates.That means these should not be found in normal people,should be cultured and grown.Cause disease when innoculated,and reisolated back and reinoculated, to cause disease in another host.
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I too thought they were mites, but they are Echidnophaga Gallinacea, The Sticktight flea, it loves human hosts, will LIVE in your ears, and crotch area and very hard to get off, as they have a mouth that attaches to your flesh, I have been thru thousands of dollars this past year, am finally getting relief from Lemon ( they hate it ) concentrate soaks ,with my ears down in water ! I just dump the whole bottle in. make sprayer bottles also, and get pets on Revolution or some other topical ! Buy Drione dust, safe for pets & humans, and foggers with DDVP in them , check for Sorptive 2% dust, ( this is not a brand name) There are sites where it shows photo's of their cycle, you'll find it's what you've been seeing under magnifacation right along. You might also have some mites but they leave, these stay !
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