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is this some kind of eczema or athlete foot?

My father, age 65, having this issue since 1 year. We don't know what is this and how is gonna go away, tried many dermatologists, didn't change a bit. He is also a diabetic patient and takes insulin. Please suggest any solution. Pics attached. Help would be great
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So, I don't see a picture.  Absolutely, someone with diabetes if they have skin issues on their feet needs to show them to their doctor.  Diabetics can have complications and they can get serious.  If this is a diabetic food ulcer, which happens to about 15 percent of people with diabetes, you need to make sure to care for it properly.  https://www.apma.org/diabeticwoundcare  Pressure, trauma, irritation to the skin, etc. can end up being a serious problem with someone that has diabetes and especially insulin dependent diabetes.  Here's another article talking about it.  https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/features/diabetes-wounds-caring-sores#1   I am not trying to be an alarmist but with his pre existing condition, you should get this checked out and guidance for how to care for it.  
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yea sorry there was no option to post a picture so i post 1 pic on my display if u can check please and guide me about this i would be grateful
as far as i researched my father 's foots condition and talk to a doctor over whats app i found  out that the disease he's having is called "Psoriasis" anyone here is there advised me some medication to treat this disease ? help would be appreciated
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