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itching, painful skin on entire body whenever changing temps/getting hot

hello, this issue has been affecting my life constantly for the past couple of months, maybe even years at this point. Whenever i change temperatures, whether that is from a hot to cold or cold to hot environment, my entire body gets INCREDIBLY itchy and painful, as if i'm being pricked across my entire body. For example: I walk out of my room, downstairs to get a drink, walk back into my room and all of a sudden my entire body is incredibly itchy and painful. The main areas are my chest, back, neck and head. it is bothering me on a day to day basis and it's becoming a huge nuisance in my life, please please please do help me if you can!

just to add, this isn't all the time. Some weeks when this happens i won't have any issues with itching or pain, but other weeks it may be constant and awful. they can last for 10 seconds or 10 minutes. This also happens if i get worried or anxious.
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Do you get hives or welts when this happens? There is something called cold urticaria, which is reacting to cold temps -


Cholinergic Urticaria can be from an increase to your body temp, or a nervous system stimuli -


There is also something called thermal allodynia, which is pain from mild temp changes.


Have you seen a doctor about it? I think that's where you should start, and I'd ask for a referral to a dermatologist or a neurologist. Let us know what you find out.
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i do not, i read up a bit on cholinergic urticaria and it feels like it describes me completely, im not entirely sure what welts or hives are so i can't say i have those or not
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Hello~I would see either you GP or a dermatologist. The above poster has given you some great info as well.
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