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itching and dry-skin eyelids

My right eyelid started to itch some 2 months before and later the skin on that part is very dry and wrinkled. now the itching has come to tear ducts and also on upper eyelash. Eyelids are also swollen a bit.When I wash my eyes with warm water, there is relief. Mostly itching causes in the night.Please give me some remedial measure.
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almost the same exact thing happened to me.  it sounds like an allergy to me.  when it happened to me, it would worsen overnight and my eyelids would be dry, cracked, and swollen in the morning.  also, the redness and dryness spread to the outside corners of my eyes.  i noticed it flared up after i moved and spent all day with dust and dirt while moving my apartment.  i woke up the next day and my eyelids were swollen, dry, cracking, and itchy.  i put in two drops of an over the counter allergy eye drop and then took one pill of non drowsy over the counter claritin and it cleared up within an hour.

i would suggest taking an antihistamine and seeing if this doesn't clear it up.  be careful, though, many anti-histamines will make you extremely drowsy, so i suggest taking it on a weekend when you can fall asleep and not worry about missing anything.

hope this helps!

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Mario badescu control cream...after months of anguish I read this on a thread and it worked like a charm on my dry cracked eyelid within two days. I was so grateful to get that info that I have to help others with the same problem. Order online for $18
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