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itchy red bumps

I have these little red bumps, like bug bites, on my trunk, and arms. They itch, not terribly, but mostly after a shower. They aren't always red, sometimes I can't even see them because they are the same color of my skin, but I run my hand over my stomach or back and can feel them. They are all separated and not really a rash. I have searched everythign and really hate to go to the doctor for this... does anyone know what this could be. I did have pyteriasis about a year ago, and I did notice that this rash started with one large spot, but the pyteriasis i had was completely different from this. Does it come in different forms maybe?? PLEASE HELP
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I am curious about this too.  I have noticed this happens to me sometimes when I take a hot bath.  But if I switch my shampoo i don't get it for awhile.  next time it starts to happen I switch my shampoo again.  I can't see mine unless I look very close sometimes.  they are very itchy and goes away that day.  I looked very close one time though and they looked like tiny tiny blisters
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Pityriasis rarely recurs. Although they may persist for quite sometime. In your case, you had pityriasis rosea (is this correct) before. Have you noted if the skin condition has completely resolved?

There is no definite treatment for pityriasis and they usually resolve spontaneously on their own. You have noted however, that the skin condition seems to be aggravated by taking a shower. The rash of pityriasis may become itchy given certain triggers like increase or changes in temperature.

Another differential for this is a fungal infection .They may be skin colored and they may also be felt as bumps over the skin. Fungal infections are usually circular with a reddish or brownish border. There is also a central clearing wherein scales may be noted. Is this similar to your case?
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