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itchy spots

I keep getting these itchy bumps on my face, neck and chest, just one or two usually at a time. They come up like a red lump which is intensely itchy, almost like an insect bite, but I'm fairly sure they are not bites as I get them all year round. I have tried taking antihistamines and applying Benadryl cream or hydrocortizone cream but they do not go away for about a week. They don't come to a head and don't have pus in them. More like fluid filled lumps and leave a scar behind because I have tended to scratch them in my sleep. Does anyone have any idea what they could be and is there anything I can do to stop them coming? I just seem to be getting rid of one. when one or more appears, and they are really noticeable because I have very pale skin. This is really getting me down, so I would appreciate any help.
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This could be miliaria or heat rash which arises from obstruction of the sweat ducts. This is common in hot, humid conditions   and in activities which encourage sweating. It presents as small itchy rash which may develop skin folds and on the body, especially in areas of friction from clothing. Try to avoid too much sweating and heat. Avoid scratching to prevent secondary infection.  Cool water compresses and calamine lotion may also provide relief.

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