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itcy & flaky eyelid

For the past 3 weeks one og my eyelids has been itching. At first i didn't think much of it. Recently it has gotten more itchy with with dry flaky skin. When i run a finger over it it seems a little rough. there is a slight redness and seems like a little bit of swelling. I've tried washing my eyelid with a antibiotic soap for the past week and a half but it doesn't seem to be doing much. Is there any ointment i should try or any other remedies that will get rid of what might be a rash on my eyelid?
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I have a history of eyelid problems (irritation/blistery sores along the eyelash area that can be associated with the eye itself getting red and irritated)  The best thing I have found to cope with it and help ward off the worst of it is by smearing a little Vaseline on the lid every day.  It does not irritate the eye, like other things might, and it provides a moist, protective barrier against dryness and airborne irritants.  I went to an opthamologist about it and he couldn't offer any causes or cures, but said to keep it clean, especially along the lash hair follicles using eyescrub pads (you can get them at the drug store) He gave me a mild cortisone gel to put on it and in the eye, but I try not to use it more than necessary.  The Vaseline usually wards off most trouble.  Be careful with harsh antibiotic or other type "cures".  You could end up with a big problem that could be easily prevented.  When this first started, I thought there must be infection and started putting silver eye drops in my eyes.  I ended up with a horrible condition that spread down onto by cheek.  These conditions are more likely associated with autoimmune type reactions.  Everybody and every situation is different, but it's worth a try.  
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