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lesion on penis

Roughly 6 months ago, I noticed a small pin head sized mark below the glans on the anterior face of my penis.  I first began paying attention to this as there seemed to be some pigmentation change in the area.  It has expanding into roughly 3-4 mm in diameter circle, almost like a crater-like.

I've had many (approximately 6) doctors look at this, of which two were STI specialists and have ruled out HPV or any form of infection.  Additionally, one doctor recommended cauterization just incase it was maybe HPV.  Following the healing process the shape of this lesion has reappeared, which indicated to this doctor that the cautery was not helpful and ruled out HPV.

I am experiencing a very high level of anxiety.  I can't seem to find any form of answers as to what this could potentially be other then maybe a "skin-fold."  What seems to be the most common explanation by numerous professionals is that this may have been a clogged pore.

What do you think? This lesion is flat, I have no pain and when I have an erection is its not very noticeable.  I am however concerned that it is expanding in size.  Is there no way I could attach a picture/

Thank you.
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Hi Dr. Jankicevic, could you check the picture I have uploaded.

Thank you very much.
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Here is the list of several differential diagnoses to be looked into: angiokeratoma, inflamed viral wart or mollusca, granuloma annulare, syringoma, epidermoid cyst, angiofibroma, etc.

You mentioned that multiple doctors had looked at your lesion without establishing final diagnosis. In such a case (clinically inconclusive) performing a biopsy is completely justified and recommended, especially if a lesion is pigmented (rapidly expanding pigmented nevus for example).

Yes, there is an option to post photographs on your MedHelp profile page. Photographs of lesions can be useful if taken as clear close-ups.

Wishing You Optimal Health,
Dr Jasmina Jankicevic
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