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lip swelling

here is the situation. about 10 months ago, i started using a toothbrush that has a squarish shape close to the head of the brush. maybe 3 to 4 months after using the new toothbrush, i noticed that my bottom lip - toward the corner - gets swollen. the swelling is like an elongated, rounded and raised bump shape.

when i wake up in the morning, the swelling is not present. the lip looks perfectly normal with no sign of irritation or swelling. after i brush my teeth, the swelling is there but then goes down after 3 minutes or so. i also notice that sometimes it will swell after i start talking for a few minutes but then goes down after i stop talking. it appears to swell when there is more blood flowing to the lips, if that makes sense.

i did a little investigation to see how the toothbrush rests against my lip when i brush. it appears that the brush is digging into the lip and creating an ever so slight crease. i guess, after months of repeated creasing, the lip has been damaged and swells at the crease.  

i thought it could be herpes but it isn't painful. it has never blistered and it comes and goes randomly throughout the day. this is just my common sense diagnosis. oh, it's been about a week since i have stopped using the toothbrush.

my question is can herpes just come and go daily like the situation i'm describing? is there any other condition that could be causing my problem.

thanks in advance.
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First of all please rest assured that the symptoms are not suggestive of herpes.Herpes presents as blisters which ulcerate and scab over.Moreover the symptoms that you are having seem more like a trauma to the lip because of the new tooth brush.

In my opinion,change your tooth brush and use a sleek one with soft bristles.Moreover check out your tooth paste if it is causing irritation and contact dermatitis.If there is any swelling of the lip,apply mild steroid cream on the lip and avoid any cosmetics.

If the symptoms still persist then pls consult a physician.Angioedema and other systemic diseases like Crohn’s disease, cardiac or renal disorders and myxedema have to be probed.
Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing and if you have any additional queries.
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Hello Kindd,

thanks so much for your reply. it sounds like this could be as simple as the toothbrush or a much more serious condition. i have stopped using the toothbrush in question. i will get a steroid cream and apply it too.

my plan is to watch it for a few weeks and see if the lips "heals" the deformation. if not, i'll go check things out with my doctor.

my concern is that the lip may not be able to correct itself and that i may have to have some kind of cosmetic procedure. i know the body has an amazing way of healing itself but in this situation, i'm not so sure. i am also trying to find information on the blood vessels in the lip. maybe the vessel has been damaged.

thanks again. i will keep you posted
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Hello again. after a little more research, i think i have found the cause of my problem. it's called "mucocel."

here is a little info: Most mucoceles do not hurt. They can be annoying, though. They get in the way of eating or speaking. Shallow mucoceles may burst. They release straw-colored fluid. Deeper ones can last longer. They are more likely to bother you.

Your dentist will look for a rubbery, bubblelike swelling. It is usually inside the lower lip or under the tongue. Some mucoceles look blue. Your dentist will ask if you experienced trauma in that area. Maybe you bit your lip or were hit in the face with something. Also, some medicines can thicken your saliva. This can plug up a salivary gland and cause a mucocele.

looks like i'm heading to the dentist to get it confirmed.

i'll keep you posted
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