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long lasting rash

On February 23 was when we first really noticed my daughter's fever, although I had taken her in to see the doctor the week before because I suspected she may have had a UTI (she had been sticking her hands down inside her pants and diaper and rubbing herself quite a bit).  The urine cultures came back negative for the UTI, and she completed a round of antibiotics.  She then began running a fever with no other symptoms and we treated the fever with an alternating course of Motrin and Tylenol.  During this time period, I suspect she may have had a febrile seizure, but the doctor never confirmed or denied, or really even acknowledged, this suspicion of mine (it was like a fiercely violent shiver that lasted for about 60-90 seconds).  The doctor just told us to treat her fever.

On March 14, my daughter started showing symptoms of a cold (runny nose and lethargy with a slight fever) so I began to give her Benadryl and Tylenol (I never give Motrin unless her fever is 100 or over).  On March 16, I noticed a spot on her leg while changing her diaper and I looked her over and found a couple more spots.  As the day progressed I began noticing more and more of these spots.  At first, I feared the worst, but then decided that most likely her rash was viral and would be gone in a few days.  I still made an appointment with her pediatrician.  We saw him on March 18 and he declared she was congested with an ear infection and he never really mentioned the rash.  When I asked him he said it was viral and should clear up shortly.  We began a round of antibiotics.  As time progressed, the rash almost entirely covered her body and then died back down to a few splotches on her back, covering both thighs, and both cheeks.

We finished this round of antibiotics on March 26 and on March 27 we progressed on our day as though she had been cleared of the illness.  After her nap, which lasted longer than usual, she woke up with a high pitched scream and then her head started bobbing, eyes rolling in the back of her head, extremely hot to the touch, and shaking uncontrollably.  This lasted for about five minutes.  We immediately took her to the ER, where the PA ordered tests for RSV, Strep, Influenza A and B, and an X-ray to check for pneumonia.  She asked about the rash, and when I told her we had seen a doctor who had said it was viral, she immediately agreed and left the room.  All of my daughter's tests came back negative, but we were told that she had some inflammation in her left ear and were sent home to follow up with the pediatrician on March 29.

On March 29, the PA at the pediatrician's office immediately asked about the rash, and then when he learned the rash had been looked at just told us to call back if it didn't continue to improve.  We were told that my daughter had infections in both ears and that the congestion she had could have caused drainage, irritating the ear infection and possibly making it worse.  We were given a decongestant and antibiotic and sent home.

My daughter has consistently run a fever since her visit to the ER, the rash hasn't improved, and we can't get the doctors to give us a straight answer about what the rash IS, how long we can expect it to last, why her fever isn't improving, and whether or not she has had none, one, or two febrile seizures.  I'm getting frustrated and about to take my daughter to an unrelated ER in an unrelated town and get a fresh second opinion on this.
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