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mole removal

well ever since i was a child i have had a couple big moles and they are very notice able so how can i get ride of them with out surgery like things you would find at like wall greens easy skin creams
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Before removing any moles, it is highly recommended that you have them evaluated by a dermatologist to determine if a biopsy is needed  to rule out cancer. Depending on the depth and size of the mole, some moles are better excised surgically. Superficial moles are best removed with laser treatment. Creams and the like are not usually recommended for large and deep moles.

It is also important to be reminded of the "A,B,C,D', Es" of melanoma. Those are five characteristics that make a mole more likely to be a melanoma, one of the most aggressive of skin cancers. A= Assymetry: if one half of a mole appears different than the other half. B=Border: if the borders are notched and irregular. C= Color: if the mole exhibits more than one color, usually dark brown, black, or purple. D= Diameter: if the mole is more than 6 mm in diameter. E = Elevation: if the mole is greatly elevated. If any of the above characteristics are present, then the mole needs to be examined by a specialist.  Have your moles evaluated by your dermatologist and discuss which treatment option is best for you.

Take care and keep us posted.
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My daughter is 11, and has a mole on the inside of the side of her foot. She recently had a metatarsal break, and it was noticed when the podiatrist released her from care because she was healed. He stated that all foot moles need to come off. What is your opinion of that? Why do foot moles need to come off? What about other moles in general? Leave or Keep? How do you know when to do something about them?
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