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Hi, thank you for taking time to answer my question.  I am 25 with blonde hair and fair skin. I have a history of tanning in tanning beds. I tend to burn but then I develop a tan.  My question is this, I have had several moles come up within the last 2 or 3 years. One is on my back and is flat and dark brown,it is not very big. This mole almost looks like the lighter freckles that I have on my shoulders but it is considerably darker. Another mole is right at my pantyline and is also flat. It is ligt brown with some whiter areas in it. These moles do not bleed or itch, however I have noticed that if I rub on them I see some scaling come off. To the best of my knowledge these moles have not grown or gotten any darker. I am concerned about melanoma and I am very nervous.  I have an appointment with a dermatologist in a couple of months but I don't know if I can wait till then. Any advice would help. Thank you.
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It sounds as though you can wait.  It's normal to get new moles until you're 40 or 50.  The moles you describe sound like normal moles to me.  By all means show them to a dermatologist when you have your appointment.  If you haven't checked photos on-line, look at MelanomaNet at www.aad.org.  Unless you think that your moles look like the pictures of melanoma--and I doubt you will--you should be fine to wait for your appointment.  Otherwise, you can ask your general doctor to have a look sooner, if you're anxious.


Dr. Rockoff
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