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morgellons parasite

Hi, I have morgellons, and I have not only removed fibers and granules but have a sample of the parasite/organism, that I believe is the host to this illness. I took it to my vet, who said it was definitely a parasite, but not one he had ever seen before. I would like to send it to someone who could analyze it, but have no doctors helping me, so I have not dared take in any samples. What to do about this?

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Nematod/Pyemotes+Biofilm bacteria/mushroom=PATM &Morgellons?

I think this disease is related to mold; biofilm mushroom with a micro nematode of cotton or a pyemotes acarie mite; the new studies tell us that bacteria produces electricity and communicated between .

"We now know that bacteria can communicate electrically, and we should be concerned.

They are organized. "

David Nield 17january 2017

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Hi girls, so sorry to hear you both have Morgellons, especially the baby .  Don't allow anyone to make you think your crazy.  There was over 200,000 sufferers registered with the CDC in 2008.   ( don't register.  ). They are not helping anyone.   They did a mock study!!  ( they know what is causing this ). The info is out there, proven by many.    Your certainly not alone.    
    If you have morg. ,  you have Lyme.   This was proven by " The Charles E. Holman Foundation".    They have studied the disease for over 11 yrs.    Many on the team are med. professionals that actually have the disease.    They hold a conference every yr.    The 2014 study is on DVD ($60.).    I learned a lot from it.   Their motto is  " if you treat the Lyme, you treat the morgellons"
   If it wasn't for that DVD I would have never did a second Lyme test, my first was neg.    My Dr didn't know that the test is less than 45% accurate, nor did I.
    The one thing that gave me temporary relief of the symptoms is Publix brand Listerine ( gold color ).   Publix brand doesn't leave you sticky.    " BUT "  if you have open wounds, it will burn a lttle while.     Try it on a small area first.   My Dr suggested it because of all the germs it kills, but it helped stop the crawling, bitting & itching for a while.   Long enough to fall asleep..
The probiotics are great for it & many other ailments.   I also noticed a few yrs back, certain foods triggered it & went all organic.   That helped a lot .   Electronics can also trigger symptoms, keep as few as possible in your son's room, for comfort.    My heart aches knowing your son has this.    I think my granddaughters are showing early signs of it.

   Just like Lyme, if you have it less than 2 yrs ,  its a lot easer to treat it successfully .

Wish you & your family a quick recovery.
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This was some years ago i hope your doing okay but you are ssooooo very right  i took a swish of the Same old original gold flavor
today and they DID NOT like it, immediately i had huge black fibers shooting outa left shoulder and side of my neck, No one believes me i mean these things were eating holes threw my socks and shirts in NO TIME  its unbelievable and i think/ they re responsible for my system in my truck  messing they will keep it from hitting they do not like tbe vibrating i take a shot over vodka straight whiskey, just be outside when u do it ...yall are not alone please message me if you have questions or just wanna talk, i havent ever felt so alone in my life, it suck.
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I also have been pulling fibers from my skin for the last month, the scariest thing is my 18 month old is having these in his stools, vomit, and now skin also. I have them in my urine as I cn see also, nobody believes me, they said ive lost it, but im so smart and im not CRAZY!.. I know what im seeing and then all sudden after I shower and use the soaps to draw them out the long white ones will just hang from my body. I dnt know what to do, I have a dermatology appt for my son next wk but she will probably think im crazy! also my son looks pale and sick, he and I have them in our noses, throats, at least I do for sure, did u try the grape juice and swish it for about 15 seconds and spit it out ona white plate and see if there in your mouth? I haven't picked nething lately and they seem to be healing but I just see more.i will not pick them though, I only use this soap with all oils , witch hazel, lotion with no perfumes or alcohol, tea tree oil, and take probiotics and multivitamin everyday now, my son is also taking a powder form probiotic. I pray this all helps!!! I believe everybody has it , its just when they wnna come out of the skin and I believe there contagious.what did the parasite look like?? I get little black specks on me tht will not come out. there attached to my tissue!!. lets help eachother with this. where are you from? me , im from Wisconsin. Nicole.
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Good luck with that! If you bring a sample to a doctor, you will most likely be categorized with delusional parasitosis.

If it were me, I'd ask an entomologist to look at the sample.
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