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multiple hairs growing out of one follicle?

I'm a 29 year old male.  My question is quite simple.  Over the past six months or so, I've noticed my body hair increasing, seemingly every day.  I now have visible hair on my knuckles and mid-digital region, my toes, and the hair on my upper thighs is even getting more noticeable.  To top it off, there seems to be 2-3 hairs growing out of most follicles on my arms and legs.  Is this normal?  I went to my PC physician, and he ran tests on my thyroid and testosterone levels.  Everything came back perfectly normal.  But why then is my body hair increasing so much? This is more of a "piece of mind" thing for me now.  2-3 hairs growing from the same follicle?  Is this really all just genetics, or is there some type of underlying cause at play?  I'm a healthy, physically active guy.
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Multiple hairs in a follicle may suggest pili multigemini which is also called  "compound hairs, are considered rare although there have been no studies to define the actual frequency in the general population.The name describes a condition where several separate hair fibers bunch together and emerge from the skin through a single hair canal. The hair looks like a bunch of flower stalks in a vase." Is this similar to your case?

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pili_multigemini

Folliculitis have been associated with conditions wherein multiple hairs grow in one hair follicle. Other conditions which may be associated with this are scarring alopecia ( when the hair on the head is involved ) and tufted hair follicles. Other underlying diseases have to be ruled out like an underlying skin condition which may be autoimmune or inflammatory by nature.

You may discuss this with your physician.
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I have the same thing also. I have been closely observing my body hair for years now and on most of my legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms and so forth, I have 2-3, sometimes 4 hairs growing from a single follicle, and extremely close together. I have not observed this on my beard, only on body and scalp. I have never come across another man who has this condition. My body hair gets very long, seems to keep growing, grows back extremely quick(hours), except in two small spots; on my thumb side of my hands and on a small portion inner thighs, where normal single follicle hair growth is, and  the hair is short and finer.

Yeah, hormone tests usually come back normal and all, I have had all that done, many times I really believe now, that it is a freak genetic underlying cause and has something to do with a mutated or different gene structure Or it could be a double or triple copy of the gene that signals hair growth on the body, which is usually masked in most individuals.

My condition has been a source of embarrassment and frustration for years. I have very, very dark hair on my body, which is abnormally coarse and thick, and I also think I have over stimulation of body hair going from having excess testosterone when I was younger. I think I went through puberty earlier than most boys.

No physician I have been to has addressed this, but since they only give 5-10 min of their time and really don't listen to my concerns, I don't think I have been looked closely enough. I have no faith is Western medicine.
You should see if your dad or anyone in your family is known to have the same thing with 2-3 hairs coming out of the same follicle. I know I am not normal, compared to every other man with body hair. And yes, Folliculitis is common with this and with body hair in general; I get it all time and really have to exfoliate a lot, there are red dots that usually itch and are inflammed. I think laser hair removal is the only option to reduce the hair, but that is expensive and I doubt there are many studies that allow you to get it for free. I still am learning about this and am I trying to find anyone that has a similar condition to mine, but no luck and from all the observing and locker rooms I have been and travels. I have never found anyone with the same thing.
dude i have only had this problem starting at 28 till now 29 I dont know what this is either and my mustash is embarrising and super overgrown where the hair starts to grow in the edge of my lip line and has to have constant plucking to even kiss my GF have you found out any more about this stuff yet ?? im also the only person that i have ever met w/ this problem also.. london ontario canada
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I am a 24 year old male and I have experienced multiple hairs (anywhere from 2 to 12) growing from the same follicle in my beard. the men in my family have always had a lot of bodyhair, but no one has mentioned this. I frequently pull out clusters of up to a dozen hairs all attached in one casing. it is quite embarrassing internally although i doubt anyone really notices. i think certain pores on my face are enlarged from acne in my adolescence and allow multiple hairs to grow through. I haven't been to a dermatologist about it, because it doesn't impact my quality of life other than an occasional itchy spot in my beard until I pull out those hairs. Hopefully the additional info might help some of us understand whats up.
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Hey man I suffer the same EXACT thing you are going through.  It seems after high school the air just kept getting longer and more populated.  Then I looked at my arm and noticed that there are 2 hairs growing out of the same follicle.  I'm thinking, what is this.  With dark hair like mine it is very nitceable and embarrasing.I suffer the pain and wax it all off because I just got tired of the joking around by my peers.  It is very hard on the ego and self esteem.  I have looked also for this type of problem on th enet and can't really find any useful info on tihs topic. So...if there are any doctor's that read this thing any info would be great.  
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I am a 36 year old female who has this problem as well...I was diagnosed 7 years ago with Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a disease classified as being of my sebacious bearing sweat glands, or sex glands, if you will. I am on disability and still cant get more than 10 min of a doctors time to ask about this. I usually avoid going to the dr as much as possible as someone can wih my condition. I believe there are studies going on about my HS suggesting it is a follicular disorder, as opposed to a glandular one. Apparently it is a disease most prevalent in african american s, but i am caucasian, although i do have naturally curly hair, which would probably lend support to the follicular theory. SO yeah, if you think you guys have a hard time with this...imagine being a woman and having the same problem  >.<
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I have the same problem it is horrible and the fact that no one knows what it is makes it worse. Someone please help!!!!!
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