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neck, chest

Roughly 4 months ago i developed quite a sudden rash/burning sensation on my upper chest and sides of my neck.

as background i have a mild persistant eczema like rash on my lower chest which i have been treating with eumovate (moderate potency topical steroid) for many years intermitantly. It always responds well to the treatment.  

For roughly one month before the rash developed on my upper chest and neck I was experiencing regular blushing and rushes of blood in that area. I do suffer from mile psoriasis and mild eczema but have never experienced anything to this extent before. The rash would seem to be lighter at certain times of the day and become more permanent and red at others. On close inspection its clear that the blood vessels/ capillaries under the skin are very dilated. When i get anxious/nervous these become redder yet again. I have tried to treat it with various strengths of steroid but it seems to make it angrier looking. My neck and upper chest have a constant burning sensation which is very uncomfortable.

The rash seems to react to even slight changes in temperature also - e.g if i wear a low neck collar on a slightly breezy day it will make it redder.

The skin also peels (like a layer at a time) and is dry and itchy

I tried using protopic and for roughly two months the rash was at bay  - always there but pretty faded. I am aware there is a cancer risk using protopic long term so i stopped recently and the very night i stopped using the protopic the rash flared up again worse than ever

i have also tried exposing the area to sunshine, which usually helps my skin very well but this also seemed to aggravate it. It is like nothing i have experienced before so I welcome any advice as my doctor seems stumped also!

Any ideas what this could be   - i have attached pic

Many thanks

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