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oily scalp with sebum plugs

i am 25 years old. from last year i am suffering with hairfall .my problem is that i have an oily scalp and my hair follicle comes out with sebum plugs attached to it. i have consulted many dermatologists  but i didn't find any solution. i want to get rid of oily scalp or at-least reduce the effect of sebum plugs which are clogging my pores and causing hairfall. please help me
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Hi again!
I started using this India product call Anti-dandruff shampoo(soothes scalp) and it contains Tea tree oil, aloevera. Its Himalaya Herbals.
I started using recently and i think it's working. I have less itches. I think you should listen to your doctor advice first then stick with the common shampoo, doc knows better and + those who used and good for them may not be good for you (happens to me). :) and while washing your hair, i would recommend you not to scratch and harsh with your nails on. Gently massage for 30sec with the soft fingers. Plus pull up your hair once or thrice while massaging. And comb it before you wash it.
I have greasy hair too and If i touch it too often it gets more oily. And don't wash your hair too often! It increase the oilyness and the drandruff(dead scalp).
Hope this helps!:)
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I do not think it will hurt to wash your hair daily, I do, I have no problems however, but it has never hurt my hair.

Use a shampoo for oily hair, no conditioner, and even blow dry your hair. Also, I would talk to a beautician, hair is their specialty, maybe they can help you.
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hello felona,
thank you for your response. and i have few doubts.u said that you too have the same problem. whats your approach to this problem. have you tried this tea tree oil shampoo and which shampoo do u use? how is its result? whats the state of your problem, is your problem got solved? my doctor suggested me triclenz shampoo which contain sls but i am thinking to start with sebamed everyday shampoo. people say its a mild shampoo. what do u say..
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Hi, Sharat!
I do have the same problem! I have an itchy head cause of oily scalp and the dandruff and compells me to wash it everyday!
Washing hair everyday aint good for smooth hair. So, what I can suggest you is, comb your hair frequently.
Use shampoo that contains Teatree oil and avoid wearing caps or anything warm on your head. If your problem continue you may result balness!
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