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oily scalp

I have quiet a problem with an oily scalp. You had another person write in and his name was Shawn and l have the same problem as he does. I also had very healthy hair and all of a sudden a very oily scalp. The oil just would not wash out. I washed my hair three times and there was no change, I then went to my hairdressers and they put two oil stripping treatments in and they made no differance. By this time l was becoming quiet upset,you have to understand  when I would push on my scalp with my finger I could see the oil on my finger ,it was that bad. This problem is still with me. I treat my hair every day,I cannot use a normal shampoo anymore,if I do by midafternoon the oil is back. So untill someone can help me everyday is a bad hair day. So I really hope that you can help me as I can't treat my hair everyday and it has already been many weeks. Thanks    
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This may be a case of seborrheic dermatitis. Do you present with scales in the scalp? Are there an yellowish crusts which form in the scalp?

Although crusting or scaling may not really be present, I suggest that you have this assessed by your dermatologist for  an initial assessment.Frequent shampooing usually manages and controls an oily scalp. For mild cases, shampoo containing selenium sulfide may be used. If this does not respond, consulting with a dermatologist may help.
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Unfortunately, the symptoms are genetic and hydration helps. Drink plenty of water and eat less junk food. Avoid drying shampoos, they are the everyday ones you see in stores with sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates. The skin naturally gets oily cause of over productive sebatious glands or lack of hydration. The lack is either genetic or you're not intaking enough fluids, could even be something in the diet. I'm not a sponsor or support any kind of products, but you can try something called Zeal shampoo, they refrain from using typical ingredients and offer free samples(they charge shipping though, but maybe you can get that dropped if you contact them).

Perhaps list more attributes about yourself, like height, weight, age, sex, diet and region you live in. Any details help.
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