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painful and itchy growing lumps on the bottom of the foot

I have itchy and painful under skin lumps on the bottom of my feet (one time appreared also on the palms of my hand). The area where this lumps are is red and when press on it I see a white ball this area gets swelling and itches big time.
The lumps get bigger when  I put pressure on it, but at the same time when a put pressure in other area of my foot to walk new lump appear on that area.  Some times both of my feet are full of this painful lumps and I need to walk on my knees.
This can happen sporadic  or frequently . I went to my regular doctor he stated he as no idea what it is, so he sent me to a dermatologist and he told me he has no idea either, so I was sent to a podiatrist and she stated the same that she has no idea, I also went to a rheumatologist and she also told me she has never seed anything like it. I read the comments on this site stating that it might be dyshidrotic eczema and I did some research on it but it is not what i have. Please guide me what to do or where to go for this problem.
Thank you very much.

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Does the lumps have pus in them? If so it could be pustular psoriasis. Look into it.
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I just need to have some questions for clarification:

Would you be able to elaborate more on these lumps?

Are they noted above the skin or beneath the skin?

Are they well defined lesions or do they have irregular borders?

Are they reddish,skin colored or violaceous or bluish?

Are they shiny,scaly or ulcerated?

Are they present in other parts of the body as well such as the scalp or near the umbilicus?

Any possible events or activities that could have triggered the onset of your condition?
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I have this EXACT same thing... Please tell me you have come to a conclusion ???
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