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penis head is discoloring

hello doc rockoff

I have a query regarding my  penis head that has shown discoloration over 5-6 years now.

I remember that i  used to have a black discoloration  , like a dot on the head of my penis  which does not pains/pus etc.
its just a weird black dot type thing other than pink area around. its not protubing outside, its  just dark skin .

i  thouht that this may  be some childhood thing but now  it has increased and affected  the inside of the pink shaft too.
what can be this?/
I dnt think this can be any STD etc cause it dosent look  like a horror  to me.  My penis just  looks ugly sometime to me.
Is there any  way  i can stop this . i had unprotected oral sex about 2 years ago, but that black dot  has been there  even  many  years before.

please guide me,  what  should i do..  if possible i can show  u  the picture  next time.

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I cannot answer your question from your description.  I agree that this does not sound like an STD.  It seems unlikely that this discoloration has any significance, nor does it seem probable that you can do anything about it.  For further advice, you will need to see a doctor about this in person.

Thank you.

Dr. Rockoff
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