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penis warts?

Dear Doctor,
I am writing regarding some alarming growths i noticed on my penis awhile back.  They are on the back side of my penis and just underneath the head.  They are white and easily seen when i stretch the skin.  I went in to the doctor and she said they were nothing to worry about, and that i could treat them with liquid nitrogen(i guess it is) and freeze them off.  These spots were frozen a couple of times, and nothing has changed.  I keep applying neosporin to were it was frozen, but yet it still seems really pink after a month, and the bumps are still there?  I just wonder about Genital warts, and also how long should it take to heal were it has been frozen a couple of times.  Should i go into the doctor again since these bumps did not disappear?  Please help me- this has made me so nervous, i think about it all the time. Thank you.  JoeCA
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Bumps on the underside of the penis that you can see when you stretch the skin sound like cysts, not warts.  Warts are on top of the skin.

Redness after freezing can last for weeks, but then it goes away.  If you stretch the skin and examine the area closely, redness lasts longer.

I suggest you show a doctor again (perhaps another one), to determine whether you in fact have warts at all.  Doesn't sound like it.  

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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