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(pictures) Red patch on penis shaft/head area?

Around 2 months ago I randomly discovered that I had this red looking patch on my head/shaft area. It is not raised, does not itch, does not hurt, it's simply just red. After initially noticing it, there was a small amount of white flakes on it for a few days (very very small amount) presumably due to dry skin or something, however, 2 months have passed and I have never seen that happen again.

I initially assumed this was just some sort of bruising under my skin, however, it has been two months and no progress seems to be made in healing.

Some days it seems a bit lighter than others, however, I noticed that it gets very red whenever I take a shower, but goes back to normal as soon as I dry off.

Over the last month or so I have tried the following treatments:
1% hydrocortisone cream
Eczema relief cream (Colloidal Oatmeal)
Calamine lotion (zinc oxide)
Lotramin Ultra (antifungal, butenafine hydrochloride)

Even with everything I have tried, nothing seems to reduce the redness. Could anybody help me out to help me determine what this is and how to get rid of the redness?

Pictures can also be seen here:
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note: first picture seems more pink than red due to the camera flash. I can take better pictures if needed
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So sorry to hear about the frustration you are having with this not going away- if it's not getting worse, it's likely some irritation from something- dry skin, too much moisture in the area, maybe needing to be cleaned more frequently, friction- anything really.  Sometimes these conditions can take a good while to clear up too.  

It's best to have a doctor look at this in person, so they can gather your medical history and give you an in person exam.  Photos are never a good way to diagnosis things.  
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