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pimple like burns on fingers

hi i just woke up with pimple like burns on my middle finger on my left hand , it starts from the nail & then scatters up my finger but it spreads out , theres alot at the top of my finger then it spreads out & im looking now & its spreading to my ring finger i can see them underneath my skin but they havent popped out yet , it hurts when i touch them & when i pop it a clear substance comes out i looked on my right hand on my middle finger & i have some there too but i only have like10 but they are very very tiny the ones on my left hand itch & burns after i scratch & the circles are bigger, ok i just counted & i have 197 bumps on my left middle finger i have like 30 big ones that have liquid inside & the others are really really really tiny like the size of this period ( . )  thats how they are on my right hand they just havent ballooned out yet, the bigger ones are like the size of this ( o )  & , does anytone have any advice? i looked in another forum & this lady has the exact same thing & she went to a doctor & said i have no idea what this is ive never seen this in my life so i dont know what to do , Any help ?
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Hey there,

I have the same problem once in a while and it's a form of eczema. http://dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/pompholyx.html

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i posted some pictures of it in my profile so u can take a look , id really appreciate the help , Thanks =]
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