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pimplevirus on my 2 year old

What kind of virus causes pimple like rash on my daughters hands arms legs and feet? with fever will it go away how long will it last? will it come back?

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Thanks for your help with my daughter. She is doing better. The day after we went to see the doctor she started taking her medicine and her fever and bumps went away. no she is back to herself.                     thank you so much :)
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How old is your child?

There are differentials for a rash in children who  present with fever. At this point, given your child's age and the presentation of the rash, scarlet fever and hand,foot and mouth disease are differentials.

As for scarlet fever, the rash usually develops a day or two after the onset of fever. Prior to his your child complains of pain in swallowing,weakness or easy fatigability, decrease in appetite and for some nausea and vomiting. The rash of scarlet fever has the following characteristics:

"is fine, red, and rough-textured; it blanches upon pressure
appears 12–48 hours after the fever
generally starts on the chest, axilla (armpits), and behind the ears
is worse in the skin folds
Pastia lines (where the rash becomes confluent in the arm pits and groins) appear and persist after the rash is gone "


As for the rash of hand,foot and mouth disease, the following may guide you:

"This viral infection is seen most commonly during summer and autumn in young children. It is not the same viral infection that causes foot and mouth disease in farm animals. The symptoms are usually mild and last about seven days with a slight fever initially. The mouth develops small blisters that often break to form small ulcers. Small pearly grey, oval shaped blisters with a narrow red edge can occur on the fingers, the toes and around the side of the heels. The number of small blisters varies and they fade over 2-3 days. They are not itchy or painful. No treatment is needed. "


Has your child been assessed by a physician.It is important that she be evaluated. Chicken pox may also affect the hands and feet and is highly contagious. It is best that your child be isolated from other children at home. Most rash in children are viral in origin. Adequate rest, plenty of water intake and good ventilation will be able to help.
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