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post hemorrhoid skin tag surgery

After child birth I have a developed a skin tag at the opening of rectum from pushing and straining to push out my baby. Yes, it is called a skin tag - bigger ones are called hemorrhoids. So, essentially, this is a "post hemorrhoid" condition. The appearing of my skin tag is small, nontheless unsightly and somewhat bothersome when cleaning after a bowel movement. And I would like to have it surgically removed as I do not know of anything else that can be done to remove it.

Please describe in detail the type of surgery that would be involved to have it removed. How is pain level? I heard it was excruciating. How long is the recovery period?

If "hotnewfilm" is reading this, please let me know what kind of surgery you did to have your skin tag removed as I have read your question in this forum under the category "Skin Tag or Scar Tissue". Also, did you ever get your "scar tissue" removed as well? Did you find out what it was?
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my sister had this done,and her explanation of the events was humiliating and painful. She said they have to put you in this chair where your rear end goes up in the air and your head goes toward the ground. Her first instinct was to bust out laughing and she said the doctor and nurses looked at her like she was crazy.
Small bands (kinda like rubber bands) are placed on the hemmhroids and left there...where as the hemmhroids are supposed to drain/fall off on their own after. She said her pain lasted at least 3 weeks.She was prescribed some fairly good medication for it though (percocets) and was much happier after without the embarrassement of having the hemmhroids there. Hope this helps ya!
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Thank you for the information. Your sister sounds like she had internal hemorrhoids. I have that as well but it was too soon for the doctor to put bands on them, as he wanted them to "settle" first (just had baby 2 months ago).

The procedure I would like to learn about is for skin tag removal although my doctor said to just leave it and live with it since the pain is so excruciating that he would not want me to go through it. I just want to know from people who had this done and to learn just how extreme the pain is to remove a post hemorrhoid skin tag.

I believe I'll be getting the banding done in 6 months upon my return visit appointment with the doctor.
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I havent heard of a hemmheriod skin tage before.I have known other people with regular skin tags that looked like moles that had them removed. They didnt say it much.I guess if it's in the anal area it may be a bit more painful though.
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I have a rectal skin tag as well. It is a piece of skin on the outside of the anus. It has been getting increasingly
uncomfortable,esp when I wear pants & esp. jeans. The seam rubs & irritates the skin tag which in turn then feels raw & irritated. At times, I have placed a large piece of cotton ball  arpund the skin to 'buffer' it.
Very uncomforatble ...!
I have seen one general surgeon who said to avoid any surgery until absolutely necessary b/c it was extremely painful.
I have an appt with a colorectal specialist surgeon, & hopefully he will be able to offer relief for me.
I would love to hear from anyone who can relate to this situation ..
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I had a perianal skin tag that drove me nuts my whole life but I don't know where it came from or whether it was left over from a hemorrhoid or not as I've only had 1 that I can remember in my life and I'm 35.  Anyway, it was not itchy or swollen or hard to clean or anything, it just bothered me cosmetically so I opted to have it removed.  Here's the problem:  the stitches busted open 1 week & 2 days later gushing blood and my doctor said not to worry it would heal on its own and to wait for my 5 week follow-up.  Well, as the general swelling subsided a bit, I was left with an open gash from the incision and the area that was stitched became more pronounced and I was left with hard lumps of skin and a divider in between each hard lump where each stitch was.  So, it's like open gash and on the side of the gash is bump, dip, bump, dip, bump, dip.  At the 5 week my Dr. was surprised but said my body simply did not like the stitches and had became irritated so he burned the OPEN gash and lumpy stitch area which was of no use at all.  Just made it green and disgusting for a few days.  I had my 7 week follow-up last Wednesday and he says I can do one of two things.  He can now cut off the pronounced bumps and leave the new wounds open to heal on their own or I can just wait it out for those areas to go back to normal which could be anywhere from 3 months to a year!!!  I am so upset about this.  I was told at the beginning that it would take about 2 weeks to heal then later he said it would really be 6 to 8 weeks to be completely smooth and now I'm at almost 8 weeks and I have a healing gash and obvious bumps of skin.  My boyfriend has no idea I did this as I told him very vaguely that I was having a minor surgery and I didn't want to talk about it much.  For a couple who is very sexually active, I thought 2 weeks was going to be rough to explain but this is ridiculous and now I'm intimidated to have sex for fear that a hand will drift here or there and feel something bizarre "down there".  My doctor prescribed a STEROID CREAM which (with no insurance) would cost $60 per ounce and he prescribed 2 ounces.  I can't afford it.  He said the steroid cream would soften the skin.  Is there anything else I can do to speed this up?  I am so confused and feel like I'm never going to heal.  I'm using vaseline every day but I don't know if that's helping.  Should I let it dry out?  Does it need to be kept moist?  Is there some sort of over the counter product that will help these hard bumps to just cool down and shrink?  HELP PLEASE!
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Hi all,

I too have been living (suffering) with an anal skin tag for the last year and a half.  I finally broke down this fall and made an appointment to see the gastroenterologist (sp?) to see if I could get it taken care of.  I had read online that using laser treatment to remove it was probably the easiest procedure as it keeps the bleeding to a minimum and healing is relatively quick.  However, once I saw the doctor she told me that unless it was really large, swollen, painful and otherwise causing additional medical problems it wasn't big enough for her to recommend that it be removed.

Now to me it is big, it gets in the way, it's hard to keep clean or at least feel like you are clean, it can be painful and gets irritated very easily.  Not to mention it had really begun to affect my sex life because mentally I'm always extremely self-concious of it and embarassed to death with my husband and that he is going to touch it or feel it.  I know I shouldn't be that way with my husband, but I just am.  The doctor told me that if I wanted to have it removed it would be considered a "cosmetic" procedure and therefore not covered by insurance, which means I can't afford it.  My response to her was "so I'm just supposed to live with this the rest of my life?" and basically she said yes, unless it gets worse (or I win the lottery).

I'm constantly searching the web to see is there some at-home treatment that would remove it or at the very least help shrink it.  If anyone has any ideas or thoughts please post here.  I know there are tons of worse things that could happen to me, but everyone who has one knows what a terrible thing this is to live with if you have it.

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