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once you get rid of the warts or treat the warts do they keep coming bak or they usually dont how does that all work do you keep getting brealouts with them or once theyre treated there treated and if you get it again you get it again talking about the warts
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Warts are common, and are caused by a viral infection, specifically by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and are contagious when in contact with the skin of an infected person. It is also possible to get warts from using towels or other objects. They typically disappear after a few months but can last for years and can recur.

Treatments that may be prescribed by a medical professional include:

Keratolysis, removal of dead surface skin cells usually using salicylic acid, blistering agents, immune system modifiers ("immunomodulators"), or formaldehyde, often with mechanical paring of the wart with a pumice stone, blade etc.
Cryosurgery, which involves freezing the wart (generally with liquid nitrogen), creating a blister between the wart and epidermal layer, after which the wart and surrounding dead skin falls off by itself.
Surgical curettage of the wart.
Laser treatment.
Imiquimod, a topical cream that helps the body's immune system fight the wart virus by encouraging interferon production.
The wart often regrows after the skin has healed.

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can you get wart from an object someone else touched
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Does oxygen kill warts
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Does oxygen kill warts virctus or infection in the air.
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