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raised clear and soft bumps between fingers??? pic included



Direct link is above incase the encoding doesn't work. These bumps just appeared today, between index and middle finger. They are not itchy and there is no redness or discoloration. The bumps aren't that small and they feel sort of soft. Idk if its liquid or air in them but I know I can easily pop it if I wanted to but I don't want to make it worse. Anyone know what this is???
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Btw they seem to have grown in size a bit now.
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Hi...I can't see your pics on my iPad, but from your description ths sounds like a form of dermatitis caused by stress, of all things, lol.  Additionally, it could be a type of fungus/fungal infection, and if in/around the nail bed needs immediate attention.  A quick Dr's visit will narrow it down and, most importantly, allay your fears.  Most of these are harmless. Skin rashes and disorders are numerous, varied and amongst the most difficult (unequivocal) diagnoses to make, even for Board Certified Dermatologists. Use your 'Google Machine' (sorry, that cracks me up) to pull up images of skin disorders/rashes/lesions and compare them to yours.  The larger the screen/greater the magnification, the easier the task and more accurate the results.  I myself have had clear, tiny, 'blister-like' bubbles just under my skin on one pinky and down the sides of two fingers. Eventually, they will flake or peel, but this typically occurs after a weekend at the beach (in the ocean) or hours in a pool.  Rarely, I've had them on my right palm (I'm a female ... No self-pleasuring, hairy palm jokes please). I've had this evaluated by a number of physicians, dermatologists, endocrinologists, psychologists (for the supposed relation to "stress", which didn't seem to fit either my psychological makeup or my own observations), physiatrists, plastic surgeons & other medical specialists:  all agreed it was neither harmful nor contagious, though there was little to no consensus on a cause/diagnosis. I know first-hand how troubling and frustrating this can be and I wish I had a nice, neat answer to present you, all tied up in a bow...but I don't.  The best I can do is offer my own experience for you to use as a guide, and my prayers that you will both be healed and find Peace.  May the Shalom of Yashuah Ben Yahovah cover you and yours.
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Thank you very much for your well informed comment! I actually popped them yesterday and only a little clear liquid came out. They are now flatand reddish but no bumps anymore. I will give it a few days to see. Stress could very well be it!
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Well, your description above is definitely consistent with my own experience (on my fingers and right palm).

I would find that after spending time in either a chlorinated pool or (the best  long term, albeit ultimately temporary, "cure" - therefore, "Treatment" would be the more accurate description) the naturally salinated water of the ocean, that the affected areas of my skin would first turn white, then dry & flaky, eventually peeling off like a bad sunburn.  The skin this revealed would be pink, tender and free from the 'tiny bubbles' or blisters.

My recommendation is NOT to treat your skin as your own "Personal Bubble Wrap" (as tempting and truly fun & satisfying as this might be - and I know...it really is sickly enjoyable). First of all, you are spreading whatever is contained inside the lesions ("bubbles/blisters") - possibly increasing the affected surface area on your own skin & exposing others via direct contact as well as contaminating surfaces within your environment: tech, like phones, computers, tablets, keyboards; daily activities, like keys, steering wheels, door handles, countertops, everything in/around kitchens, bathrooms -public & private, bed sheets, towels; and all the thousands of things you touch daily.  Secondly, by popping the 'blisters' you are compromising/removing your skin's defense mechanism, or shield, that protects against foreign material/infection from entering the body. Any opening in the skin, whether a cut, wound, infected follicle/ pore or 'popped blister', is like an "Infection Autobahn" ... with all types of nasty and harmful elements just waiting for an opportunity to take a wild ride straight to their version of 'Viva Las Vegas', and unfortunately for you, the sex is immediate, nasty, never-ending and DEFINITELY dangerous to one's health, LoL.

I hoped that bit of humor not only made you laugh, but also will make enough of an impression that you won't forget the lesson behind it.  It's really hard to leave something like this alone ... I know from personal experience. But the consequences can be severe - particularly because they go unnoticed (are asymptomatic) until AFTER the harm is done - and because you are putting OTHERS, innocent people or even loved ones, AT RISK in addition to yourself.  With the risk being invisible to everyone (once you've compromised/opened the lesions), no one can take all the necessary precautions to guarantee safety - not even you.

Although your condition is certainly consistent with a stress-related dermatitis, as I cautioned another poster here, you really MUST seek an examination/evaluation by a physician (ideally a Board Certified Dermatologist) who can, and will, take samples of the fluid encapsulated in the lesions and have it tested by a lab. Results can vary from a firm identification/diagnosis, to ruling out possibilities but with no definitive answer, to anything and everything in-between.  So, now you're probably wondering why test if the outcome can be so ambiguous..... and the reason is to make certain that this is nothing serious (for yourself or or others) &/or to identify a treatment, or even a cure, either via a clear diagnosis or by virtue of elimination.....and any of these outcomes are helpful, positive and worth the time and trouble.

Btw, an extremely helpful diagnostic tool in the realm of dermatological disorders is the Internet (particularly the high res IMAGES available) ... a tool that gets better and better with every passing day.

By comparing high resolution/detailed images of skin conditions (and in your case, similar blister-like lesions with the appearance of tiny bubbles on the fingers, hands & palms, with no observable trauma or affect on the surrounding skin - other than flaking &/or peeling at the end of a cycle) to your own (I recommend both taking photographs of the affected areas on your fingers, etc. with the very Best camera you can, set at the highest res/finest quality possible, as well as enlisting a friend or loved one to do a live, in person comparison), you'll not only be able to eliminate possible conditions that aren't a visual match, but also narrow-down the likely culprits to a manageable number - perhaps even finding an exact match!  Either way, you'll provide invaluable assistance and insight for your physician (who, in reality, does the same or similar research following an exam).

May The Lord Heal You and Provide the Wisdom Necessary to Aid You in Your Pursuits, While Filling and Surrounding You with His Everlasting Shalom.

If I can assist you any further, don't hesitate to ask.
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Sorry....I did neglect to mention this important fact:  IF your skin condition fits the same profile as mine, and behaves according to conditions I deem similar based upon your description given here ..... lancing and draining the lesions ("popping the blisters and squeezing out the liquid") might SEEM to be a solution (although, as I explained, this was NOT a good choice for a number of reasons), but it is only *temporary* and the lesions ("blisters") will either 'refill' or reform/reappear.

I'm sorry.

I HOPE that isn't the case, but it would shock and surprise me if that was the end of the problem ... It would truly be a Miracle if it didn't recur.

I pray for a miracle and am here if you need help.
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Thank you very much! I appreciate your answers, and the humor made my day! The bumps seem to be healing now, I also put on disinfectant for cuts etc. And lotion.
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I'm glad things are improving. If they are stress related dermatitis you'll have times where they come and go. If I can help further, I'll do my best.
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