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rash on body and face returning!

hi, about 8 weeks ago i noticed a rash on my body and face, mainly chest arms and shoulders had LOTS of small red bumps. on my face and neck i had lots of small skin coloured bumps. bout a week after the outbreak i went to the sti clinic and had some warts removed and i was given some cream for them, and antibiotics and some other pills for a bacterial penis infection. i told her about my rash and she said it isnt related. after about 8 days of taking the tablets, the rash dissapeared pretty quickly.

Now 8 weeks on, in the last few days ive noticed it coming back!!! ive got the little bumps on my face and on my neck (slightly less than before) and a few on my arms.

im seeing my gp tommorow but does anyone have any answers?

my main worry is that im going to greece in two weeks and would hate for it to be present. it was hideous!!!

ive also started lifting weights and takin creatine in the last month at the gym.

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ok so i went to my doctor and she said it was blocked hair follicules. for  some reason i dont think it is.
does anyone have any advice for me as i really dont want this for my holiday?
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hey mate, what did she say to do for it... are they still there, can you give a more description on them...
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wel on my face (cheeks and forehead mostly) they are small skin coloures bumps that i can feel if i run my fingers along them. then on my shoulders and arms they are small red slightly raised spots.

last time they were everywhere! very raised and red.

I just really do not want this for my holiday! it would be so embarrasing.

she said to use abrasive (exfoliating) soap on them to try and open the clogged pores up.

any help would be mcuh appreciated.
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