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rash on chin and bottom lip

Yesterday morning when i woke up, i noticed i had a slighty red, quater size, rough rash on my chin and dryness at the corners of my mouth. I put on some chapstick figuring it was just dry. Today i woke up and the rash on my chin is slightly bigger the corners of my mouth are cracked, a bit swollen, red and sore, also my bottom is very dry, chapped and a bit swollen. I dont think this can be attributed to just dryness because i use lotions, chapstick, etc. often. i can't think of anything that i ate or put on thats unusual. Im going through a seperation so i have been stressed.Today i put on some neosporin. i can't really tell if it helped yet. Im a 28 and female.
Your advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,
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Possibly eczema, which can present this way.  Have you ever had eczema or "sensitive skin" elsewhere on your body?

This is unlikely to be an allergy to something touching the skin (lotion, toothpaste), unless you are using something new that touched just your chin and corners of mouth.

Try 1% hydrocortiosne 3-4 times a day for a few days.  If the rash goes away or gets much better, that would argue for eczema.  If not, then you should see a doctor for peoper diagnosis and treatment.  In fact, even if it is eczema, you should see a skin doctor so you can get a prescription-strenght remedy and relevant advice.


Dr. Rockoff
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