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rash, post laser hair removal

I had laser hair removal of underarms on 2/27--went off without a hitch. On 2/29, underarms began itching--no rashes noted. On 3/1, I developed a VERY itchy, red, puffy, warm/hot rash to left armpit, by the evening, it began popping up in my right armpit. on 3/3, I called cosmetic center-->MD suspected "laser burn" and wanted to eval. Doc said it was an "infection", was given topical ointment for itch & oral antibiotics. NOW, it's starting to creep/spread-->shoulders, torso, arms. The "creeping" bumps look like "chicken pox". Please help!

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You should avoid using a deodorant directly to your under arm skin, avoid shaving or waxing the area for some time. These could aggravate your symptoms.

Try to avoid sweat accumulation at the sites and use a powder. Keep the area clean and wear lose, comfortable clothes.

You could take oral antihistamine medications for the itching and apply calamine lotion at the site. Use only mild deodarants and do not spray them close to your skin.

If the symptoms are severe you could try some cold compresses.

It would be best to consult a skin specialist if the lesions persist.

Let us know about what the doctor advises and post us if you have any other doubts.

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Laser treatments can result in a histamine response. Anyone considering this type of treatment should have a patch test done first. Do not use any products on the area to be treated for 48 hours before and after treatment, unless otherwise instructed.
Ask your doctor if this could be a histamine response and would anti-histamines and hydrocortisone be helpful?
Loiloi xx
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