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rash/red&white spots at top of thigh/between groin

hi,in the past two days i have developed a rash that consists of lots of small spot like bumps that are close together and some a re white but not puss filled.extremely itchy and uncomfortable.i have been very sexually active recently with numerous partners as i have been on holiday but all was protected but i am still concerned it could be an sti.it could also be a simple sweat rash or prickly heat because i have been sweating a lot recently due to high humidity and 40 degree heat.but has only appeared after two months here.also the rash is in between the fold of my leg and groin and spreads out down the leg slightly but not near or on my penis.all though my ball sack is also very itchy but no rash.doesnt seem to be getting worse or better and i have it slightly in my left arm pit but but barely in my right.i have a 27 hour 2 stop flight very soon and would love to get this cleared up before then.as it will be hell.walking a short distance is bad enough, never mind miles of airport and thousands of air miles.thanks
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With a significant sexual history, STD's have to be ruled out. These white bumps and red spots may be folliculitis and fungal infections. Blood tests to rule out STD's  have to be done. Also, KOH examination of skin scrapings from the area may help determine if a fungal infection is present. You may need oral antibiotics for this as a prophylaxis. A urinalysis and urine culture may be done to help determine if a UTI is present .Heat rash may also be a differential here especially in areas of the arm pits or in well covered areas.

Have these tests done first so that the right management be  given you.
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Could be fungal infection or heat rash. Miliaria is a common ailment in hot and humid conditions, such as in the tropics and during the summer season.
Miliaria occurs when the sweat gland ducts get plugged due to dead skin cells or bacteria such as Staphylococcus epidermidis, a common bacterium that occurs on the skin which is also associated with acne.

The trapped sweat leads to irritation (prickling), itching and to a rash of very small blisters, usually in a localized area of the skin.Symptoms of miliaria include small red rashes  which may itch or more often cause an intense 'pins-and-needles' prickling sensation.

The symptoms relating to miliaria should not be confused with shingles as they can be very similar. Shingles will restrict itself to one side of the body but also has a rash-like appearance. It is also accompanied by a prickling sensation and pain throughout the region. If you have any doubts please do get a dermatologist to see it.

Topical agents which may reduce the severity of symptoms include anti-itch preparations such as calamine or menthol and/or camphor based preparations, and topical steroid creams.
If it does not respond then you can apply anti-fungal ointment available OTC to the affected areas.
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thanks so much for the time you have both taken to help me out.its strange how much better you fell with just a little info on it or what it might be.even if is an std which i have now convinced my self it is even though it could well be something diffrent.thanks again . dan
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oh and first stop is the doctors when i get back
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