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rash that doesn't itch

My 6 year old daughter has had a rash for at least 2 months that does not itch.  It appears as patches of dry skin that are 3/4 to 3 inches in size.  They have a tanish look sometimes and sometimes look more red.  They are mostly on her back and side of torso, with some on her shin, near underarms and crotch.  They do not bother her at all.  It is round or oval in shape and some (2) have clear centers.  I did a 1 month diet trial for dairy/egg allergy (eczema) with no response.  I treated with tea tree oil ( for fungal) for two weeks with no change.  Now (through my DR.) I am concerned it may be the seconday stage of Lyme Disease (we live in the northeast) although she has no symptoms of illness.  We took blood to do an ELISA and a Western Blot and are awaiting results...althlough I understand these tests are not always reliable.  PLEASE... Do you know of any rashes like this that do not itch?  Could it be eczema if it doesn't itch?  What about Lyme without other symptoms?  I plan to start her on antibiotics today because I don't want to wait any longer if it is Lyme.  I appreciate any input you may have. Thanks.
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It would be ebst to review with your doctor and strat the treatment in consultation with a pediatrician and skin specialist.

Nothing can be said with surety about the lesions without a proepr clinical examination and it would not be advisable to start any medication without consulting a pediatrician.

Let us know about the reports when they come in and also post us about what the specialists advise.


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