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rash thats started under breasts, now all over breasts, stomach, down sides of ribs

Hello All! I need some help! today is day 9. Day 1, small redish spot under my left breast, thought nothing of it. day 2, red rash with some tiny looking blisters/bumps under my entire left breast, day 3. same looking just now under both breasts. It has continued to  spread, now its on top of my breasts/chest, under my breasts, on the sides of my breasts, down my right rib cage and in random spots= in the crease of my elbow, on my  wrist, feet, back, thigh/legs. It is very hot to the touch. It is not as red anymore under my breast, and there are not many blister/bumps anywhere. It seems like they are one big blister or whatever you want to call them, the tiny ones are filled with some kind of liquid.  It itches and hurts in stages. I have tried:  corn starch, balmex, cocobutter lotion, witch hazel, and I just now bought home made goat milk soap with oatmeal in it, and a generic version of Aveeno oatmeal bath, the thing that helps the most is my cold compresses.. I put a damp washcloth in the fridge for a while and then put that on the areas and it takes the pain away.. I have had shingles before, and I thought this was l kind of like that but I'm just not too sure anymore. I have not worn a bra for 7-8 days because.. well it just hurts too bad. I am highly allergic to poison ivy, oak and sumac, so if it was that I would be in the hospital 9 days ago, I just need some relief! Can someone please help!
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With a rash that is spreading like that- it's best to get to your doctor to see what's going on- hope you feel better soon!
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