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3 months after a possible HIV/STD exposure I have gerealised itching and a red rash, which is not raised or itchy on my abdomen at the bottom of my rib cage.
My general practitioner seemed to think it was a herald spot, possibly pityriasis rosea, although it hasn't spread and she seemed vague. I have been extremly worried and anxious for the last 3 months and am wondering if this could have been brought on by this as I have tested negative for STD's and HIV at 3 months.
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There are lots of reasons for red rashes other than HIV.  If your GP is right, the rest of the rash should appear mainly on the torso shortly.  If the rash persists and the diagnosis remains unclear, you should see a skin doctor.  But eczema or some other unimportant condition is a lot more likely than HIV.


Dr. Rockoff
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