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rashes again please help

I was diagnosed with initially (at the time I only had about 3, 4 of them) eczema by a regular internist, given cream of course didn't help and I stopped using it, I finally went to a dermatologist and he right away said it is  Pityriasis Rosea and I should not worry about it. At that time I had about 10 of them. The two initial ones mother patches were in my buttock and low back area. At that time I had some on my chest and around belly button area. It continued for couple more months and then suddenly I had many of them around my neck, more on chest, lower stomach, upper legs and tons on my buttocks/hips and one close to my inner elbow. It finally went away and now maybe it's been about 2 months I recently saw something looking a little bit like it on my upper leg (sometimes more visible than other times) and now I saw several raised ones looking like a mosquito bite close to my under arm, on my side, upper back and thigh. The first one I had seen on my upper leg is less visible but larger looks like a burn that's disappearing. Is it possible to have another  Pityriasis Rosea with this much of a time apart? I'm scared what if the first diagnosis was wrong by the dermatologist and it was skin cancer or something else that is serious as well? I know with some skin cancers it takes years to diagnose and a friend of ours who has skin cancer had seen my spots when I had about 10 of them and told me they were exactly as I describe them and as they look and it took hers about 12 years for the diagnosis. :((( Please help, I would like to know if one can develop  Pityriasis Rosea two months after the first episode?
Thank you.
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If the flareups come and go and itch/burn and sting sounds like Hives, Urticaria , put it in the search engine,there are pictures and you could check it out,You could have an Allergy.
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Thank you. I did look it up but it doesn't look like those rashes. They called me from the doctors office today and they would like to see me before the long weekend to make sure that is what it is as it is very rare for the PR recurrence. I'm thinking it may be an allergy, not sure. Best Regards.
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There is helpful information on geocities.com/dhr6878 which is a possibility of what you may have
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