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i been having these itchy bumps with redness around it. it usually appear on my biceps triceps muscles, stomach and my thy.it starts with small bumps and itchy then it get bigger in like 10 minutes. after 30 minute to 2 hours after it first appears, i didn't feel as much itchy anymore. the bumps usually disappear in like few hours at the most a day.do u think i have an infection or something. thanks
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Your rash could be caused directly or indirectly by stress, allergic reactions (hives) heat or sun exposure, bacterial, viral or fungal infections, underlying medical illness or medications.

Skin rashes are diagnosed clinically based on the history and appearance of the rash. You should consult a dermatologist so that he finds the exact cause and gives you medications to treat the underlying cause. In the meanwhile, you should avoid irritants like perfumes and detergents and keep your skin moisturized. You should try moisturizing lotions and some over-the-counter antihistaminics like cetirizine or loratidine. Anti-itch creams such as diphenhydramine (benadryl) may provide relief.

Do write in if you need some more information.

Take care.

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