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red, shiny, dry skin on penis

I've had these red, shiny areas on my penis for about 3 months now. The skin is smooth, dry and not raised or thick. It will look al little better at times, then get worse again. I've tried Hydrocortesone cream, Lotrimin AF ,and plain lotion. Nothing seems to help. Any ideas? Picture attached...
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It can be due to friction rub or fungal infections. Wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. Also wear cotton undergarments and use non perfumed mild soaps. Application of mild corticosteroid cream and oral antiinflammatories like ibuprofen/acetaminophen are also helpful. If the symptoms are severe then it will be best to consult a dermatologist and get a biopsy skin done.

I hope it helps . Take care and regards.

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As an update (for anybody searching in the future) this appears to have been a yeast infection. Don't know how I got it, as I'm circumcised, all sex partners had no symptoms, and , believe me, I wash the hell out of this area!
After 6 months of various degrees of redness, I finally went to the doctor,and he took about 30 seconds to prescribe fluconazole tablets (listed as treatment for vaginal candida),along with using lotrimin. Symptoms showed improvement in 24 hrs. I'll update as necessary...
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Hello  ced !  I`ve been having exactly the same shiny redness and same symptoms as you for more than a year. Looking at your picture is like looking at my own penis. Anyways I have been with several doctors (general and urologyst) some of them did all kind of STD tests and all came negative including herpes. They also prescribe me antifungals creams that were making my foreskin very thin (I'm uncircumsiced) , antibiotics and a treatment with fluconazole. Let me tell you nothing works  the redness come and goes. Started last summer I had a break in the winter and then came back 6 weeks ago. Some doctors said I have nothing to worry cus is not contagios that is just an irritation, but I'm sick and tired of this condition, Last Urologyst I went said is recurrent balanitis and the only solution would be a circumsicion so I have an appointment to have done next tuesday 13, but now I do not know what to think cus you already have a circumsicion and is happening to you too. Please keep me updated with your healing process and with what you are using . Thanks.
PD  one doctor told me to dilute 2 teaspoons of white vinegar in one glass of water and wash the  penis with it, but  I haven't done yet.   Thanks again
im circumcised and where the wrinkled skin is that is obviously   where my foreskin was when i was born then immediately circumcised, is where my super red and thin skinned area is! it is like this always until i apply polysporin or vaseline healing ointment or any one of a dozen different creams and or ointments then after i wash or bath or whatever it starts drying up and gets itchier and peels or flakes I have not had sex in months   this iswith my wife as  im afraid of irritation ! I still am not sure what the hell
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Hi Ra1234,

After 2.5 days out of 7 (I have seven fluconazole pills to take), redness is greatly reduced ,but skin is still a little shiny. I read that it could take a few days for the symptoms to disappear, even after the infection is gone. I will keep posting (and try to post an updated picture), because I know that it is hard to find good information on this exact condition! Below is info I posted in another comment, about 2 months before I posted in this thread, so that you have all the info....

"I'm a 45 year old circumcised male. About 2 months ago, I noticed what I thought was a small, circular abrasion on the side of my penis, and also on the top of the shaft, just below the glans. I've had similar before from sex, and they usually go away in a couple of days. These have not. Now there are two spots about the size of a pencil eraser on each side of the shaft just below the glans, and a spot about the size of a dime on the top, with a little extension from the shaft onto the glans. The spots are not painful or itchy, are not raised, and are dry. Sometimes the skin flakes a little, and beneath is red and very shiny. The spot on top has spread just a tiny bit, and where its spread is noticably redder and shinier than the rest. I used lotion for a couple of weeks, which cured the flakiness, but not the discoloration. Also tried 1% hydrocortesone for a couple of days, and also Lotrimin anti fungal, nothing seems to help. I am sure this is not any kind of STD. Ideas?
Same thing was told to use a Clotrimazole Vaginal Cream, makes my **** feel good and soft but really is not helping much. This is a treatment for vaginal yeast infections and it is suppose to help. Seem to have worked the first 3 days but now IDK. Went to std clinic and was told it was nothing and to use vasiline. Made it soft and smooth but did not change the appearance.
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Let me also comment that even though I am circumcised, my glans often is recessed into the skin a little (like a "turtle"), which probably offers the same warm, moist conditions around the corona as being uncircumcised. I don't know if being circumcised as an adult cures this condition or not....
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Hello Ced ! thanks  for responding.
I'm glad the redness of your penis is reduced thanks to the fluconazole. I also went to my primary doctor last week and he prescribed me 3 pill of flocunazole taking them every other day.I took the same antifungus last year and still came back this year. I only have sex with my wife and she is clean, nothing happens to her. Well the redness is also reduced, but like you I can still see a shiny skin. I'm gonna go ahead with my circumsicion as suggested by the urologyst. I posted before and a couple of nice people who had the same condition told me that the only solution is circumsicion cus they had it done as adults and the irritation went away forever. thanks  Ced  keep me updated. I ll do the same.  Raf
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Well, a week later, and I can't really tell if there has been an improvement or not.
Skin is still slightly red, and shiny (especially on top, from the glans about .5" down the shaft).
I go back to the Dr tomorrow, so we'll see what he has to say....
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Doc says give the skin a little more time to heal, looks much less red and blotchy.
Keep using Lotrimin for another week, and see what happens.....
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Well, I'm going on 8 months of this, and 2 trips to the Dr., but still not completely gone.
Redness and shininess is not too bad right now, but it's not completely gone, three weeks after treatment, and I've been through this before, where it looks almost healed and then gets worse over night. Have checkup with Dr in 3 months, hopefully will be gone by then!
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Hi ced21,

I have exactly the same symptoms. I went to a skin doctor and he said to wash my penis 2 - 3 times a day for 1 - 2 weeks and apply Canesten HC on the effected area for 2 -3 times a day after I wash my penis head. I have been using Canesten for 2 weeks now, the redness has decreased a bit although I still have 2 red spots and some cracks there and then on my penis head. These 2 red spots and cracks are not showing any improvement regardless of the cream. What do you suggest to do? My skin also looks very dry and silvery.
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Hi Krotosor,

My symptoms are still pretty much the same as my last post.
My penis doesn't look as bad as the photo, but it's by no means 100% gone.
I've tried several different anti fungal topicals, and none seem to work. I've also tried Bactitracin antibiotic cream, which seemed to help a little at first, but know I'm not too sure. Still have some discoloration on the glans, but the shaft isn't bad right now, but the skin still doesn't look normal. It's been close to a year since this started....
I go back to the doctor in about a week, see what else we can come up with.
I have the same symptoms i think. I just took a picture. How do i upload it to compare. Ive had this problem and it has been reocurring for years. I am uncircumcised, as well. My partners have never gotten anything from me, but it bothers me and I would like to know how to fix it.
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This is so good to hear that I’m not the only person with the same problem. I've been to doctors and given Canesten HC this seems to have made a slight improvement. But they seem a little unsure to what it is, im going back Monday 24th for a follow up appointment. The doctor mentioned about circumcision. Just out of curiosity does anyone have eczema?
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Well, finally made it to a dermatologist.

He diagnosed Zoon's Balanitis and gave me some Desonide .05% cream.

After 2 weeks, it's almost 100% cleared up, finally, after over a year!
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hey you guys. just had sex and my penis is red and shiny and tastes like metal. any advice? cheers dudes
How the hell did you taste your penis?
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Thank you so much for posting your experience! most everything I read seemed like only uncircumsized guys get it. I woke up 2 days after an unexpected "lap dance" in a friends hot tub.*wink*..to a rash similar to yours and nearly died of anxiety. I will ask my doc about the desonide. Thanks man!
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Could you let http://www.medhelp.org/posts/new/1226320#us know which cream he gave you  please?
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hi Ced, i have read all your comments. first i thank you for sharing this step by step. Sure you must have helped many people. Thank you very much.
after having interocurse again, yours penis is normal?
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Hi zen87,
Well, it's been 3.5 years, and my penis has never gotten back to 100%.
I still occasionally get dry,flaky patches on the head that turn a little red if I scratch the flaky skin off. Also, the skin off my shaft right behind the head is a little shinier than it ever was before this started. I think the dermatologist finally settled on psoriasis. It doesn't really effect me in any way, and is much better (say 90%) than the original outbreak, but I guess it will never go completely away...
I have similar issue.. been with more than 3 years... does it got fixed??? please help
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I believe your condition is due to penile psoriasis.  It is one of the most misdiagnosed diseases around.  I have it too.  Red quarter sized spot on side of shaft below head, gets sensitive, flares and gets better spontaneously.

Best thing is vaseline. DO NOT put corticosteroids on it or you'll be sorry.  
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Thanks for your comment.
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Hi Ced21,
I have just finished reading all of your posts. Thank you. They have settled my mind quite a bit. About 2 months ago I had this red patch of skin about the size of a dime on the side of my shaft pop up overnight. It was distinctively redder than the skin around it. No pain, no itching. At first it was a dark red and the skin on the surface was a bit dryer than the other skin around it. I have been with the same girlfriend for 3 years, we are both extremely loyal and religious. So I was pretty sure it wasn't an STD.  I went to a dermatologist office and he wasn't sure wether or not it was genital herpes or just a rash. So he took a sample of the rash and had it tested for herpes. The results took 5 days to come back. Thankfully it came back negative. He treated me for both just in case. The rash went away. And now has come back in pretty much the same area but a bit larger. Maybe a nickel size. Again no itching, burning, or smell. So I'm making another appt. And I'm gonna ask if we can test for balantis, psoriasis, penile cancer and lastly eyrothyloplasia of queyrat. Having this redness on my penis is a major hit to my self confidence and want it gone as much as you do. Again thanks for the posts.
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This is Rajat, i am 22 yr old  for m 2 or 3 days ..my preskin or skin covering my glans get reddish ..and dry too a day before yesterday i noticed some pain right there but yesterday i noticed some white substance covering all part of it
when i washed it out with water skin get red .and cant be pull back its getting a stiff and i m not able to unfold tht skin plz help its cousing lots of pain
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Hey all, the red patches that look shiny and then get dry and flaky are male yeast infection (aka "thrush" or "candida").

The cure is organic coconut oil.  Rub the oil on your penis 2-3 times a day.  This will clear the yeast infection in less than a week.  

Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal.  It's solid at room temperature and melts at 76 degrees F.  You can get it at any health food store.  Buy organic to be good to yourself.

I know this works because I use coconut oil as lube for fapping.  When I got a new girlfriend, I stopped fapping for a few weeks and came down with the red spot yeast infection.  I started applying the coconut oil again (still without fapping), and sure enough, the symptoms cleared.  My guess is the oil has prevented me from getting yeast infections for years, because I know my partner had them.  The best part is that with coconut oil, you can fap and prevent yeast infections at the same time--totally naturally :)  Good luck!
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Hi ced! How are you doing now? I got the same thing a couple of days/ weeks after a one night stand. Cant get it off... I really would like to hear about anyone who got rid of balanitis..
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