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red bumps all over my body

I started out having red bumps mostly on my stomach and then they got redder, raised and spread out a little-- it first looked like a lot of mosquito bites all over.  Then it has spread all over my body but the ones on my stomach have almost completely covered it-- the areas are red, raised but spread out-- large circles all over.  They itch like crazy but they are not dry or flaky and they are not ***** or bloody.  Most of them look exactly like mosquito bites.  The one thing I have noticed is that they are in areas where I am not tan which are many as I am a fair skinned red-head. :-)  Any ideas what I might have-- I've tried benadryl- (ointment and pills) and tinactin and neither have worked.  Do I have Pevla (sp)?
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Did you just get & they spread same day all over. What is the
time frame from start to continued spread? Could be contact
allergy to something touching skin or even something you
injested to cause small hives. May even be bug-mites that are
in your bedroom but who knows. Anything OTC is just a bandaid.
Go have your Dr take a look. Some can scar if you are fair skin.
Atarax is one rx med that works well for itch & redness if it's
just a temp-flair-up for hives related. Aveeno is a powdered
oatmeal at drugstores that you use in a soak bath. Avoid any
perfumed soaps. Makes itch worse & spots redder. You didn't say
age but it might be best to have ck'd & know what you had as a
kid. Adults still pop-up w/ child illnesses if they aren't
immune. Ck temperature & throat but if around a few days, go to
doc. Gd-luck.
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Thank you Demiguise.  I actually did hives which the doctor didn't know how I got them, could have been a number of things.  But they put me on zyrtec and allegra and it is already working.  I am 27 by the way.  Anyway, I appreciate your feedback and glad I went to the dr. even though it did cost a pretty penny.  Some of the spots did scar as I do have very very fair skin, it left a bluish, purple mark. :-(
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I have something very similiar. It started with a few small bumps on my lower back. Small and clustered. Then there were more and they were bigger. They itch like mad. Now they are a little everywhere (fewer towards extremities like arms & legs). But mostly on my lower back, right-side of my stomach, bottom, and my inner thighs. Not comfortable. I thought they were flea bites from the neighbors and their scraggly dogs (who were evicted and apartment fumigated). But I have since moved and the spots keep coming. My dad thinks he recently developed an allergy to cheese. So I have been pigging out on all the cheese he can't eat? Could that be it? I am also female, 27, mexican (medium complexion). I think they are hives too. My boyfriend thinks they are stress triggered. I don't think so. But I am stressed. I quit my job and don't know what to do with my life..Stress!!!
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I just came back from a wedding in Texas on Sat and by Tue I noticed red itchy bumps around my ankles and leg. It then spread to the side of my knee, thigh, and today (fri) I have some on my inner right leg by my groin area. It seems, from reading sites like this, some people from the AZ and TX area seem to have the same issues........have no idea what this could be.
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I too think there may be something going around or perhaps it could just be a fluke. When I had gotten these bumps they looked similar to mesquito bites and i was red all over. My symptons included an itch and redness. It traveled from my right bicep to my other bicep and then elbows, just below my armpits, mid and loweb back, thighs all the way down to and including my feet. Thinking it may have been a bug might I tried a hot bath w/ soapy water. Also used some itch cream with that. Nothing seemed to help. Given about a week it past through my system. The conlcusion I could come to is that I could of been bit by a bug that came from my dog.
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I have the red spots too, they are in groin area, under my armpit toward my back and waist.  They are called shingles and they are painfull. I get them when stressed and if I do not take medication daily they come back within weeks.  They follow the nerve line in the trunk of your body and stress will bring them out, none on my face or feet just where the nerves run.
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I have the Same thing i have ichy bumbs all over me i tryed calimine (sp)? lotion and it doesnt really help. now my head is getting itchy. WHAT DO I HAVE?DO??????
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my girlfriend has "THE BUMPS" too. She is getting crazy she thinks that she can feel them coming. she keeps talking about bugs all the time. I think she might be on drugs but im not sure. What should I do???
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I have these bumps also,odd ones all over the place, itch like crazy, just like mozzy bites, my head is the worse, but they are popping up more each day, havent got a clue what they are, I dont get allergies usually, I also thought they were some sort of bug bite, but now not so sure. any ideas would be glad to hear, I dont do doctors unless I have now other option. Wendy
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Help Red itchey bumps statrted on my arems & upper back now all down my legs. I am 55 & a red headf. They are so embarrising & itch like crazy. I got a steroid cream it helped but now worse than ever. Looks like measles but it's been going on, What are they
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My wife seems to have the same thing. They started on the plane trip BACK from Mexico. Have ANY of you gotten a diagnosis and/or treatment that has cured any of you? She is in the 1st week of it, but it seems to be getting worse. I have not shown ANY symptoms though... Please respond, thanks!
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I have had Red bumps mostly on my chest and upper Arms, while they are not itchy, they look like small lumps of blood trapped under the skin, i have had these lumps for at least the last ten years...    
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I have the exact same thing an hopefully this answers my questions. Started off about 12 small bumps in the lower right side of my stomach. I thought well a spider got me over night so didn't think anything over it. Its been about 5 days now and my whole stomach is covered. As well with some on my chest and arms. They itch SOOO BADD!!! I have been putting Caladryl on it which only helps for like 10 minutes it seems like. Putting ice on it does take the itch away though. Well continuous of putting ice on it.
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About a week ago i noticed small red bumps on my stomach and as the days went by it started spreading all over my body. There are no bumps on my legs or face though. I only have a few on my lower arms and like 3 bumps on my neck. But my torso and lower back are covered with them. The weird thing is that they don't itch at all!! I been checking all different websites and question from people but all their bumps itch really bad, so it really doesn't help me out too much. I am really nervous about what i have so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you soo much!!!
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I too have little red bumps all over my body...it started on my arms then spread all over, they dont itch though. I thought I may be allergic to something I ate or detergent...not sure though. I am going to an infectious disease doctor to find out what it could be. My family doctor said it looks like some kind of virus.
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Hi well  for the past 3 months i am fedup of this itchy red rashes all over my body . showed to doctors to skin speclist still i get red spots all over my body right now  iam taking alegra 180mb it disapears but if i stop it it again come back any tretment to let go of this thig i am ver upset please let me know any one . thanks

And this thig appers only in the night after i come from work .

please let me know

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Well, I used to get awful flea bites from bird fleas in the nest, and FEXET worked for me. But the itch and bumps I've got nw are different. I had cholestasis when I was preganant with my little one who's now 8 months, and Dr is investigating as to what this maybe. If antibiotics or allergy pills dont work, dont ignore the itch, it is certainly by product of an underlying illness. God bless...and take care!

Sri Lanka
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5 years ago when I was prego with my first I had the same things happening.  Went to 4 different doctors and finally figured out that it was scabes.  It was bad but anyone can get it.  Kind of like lide but on the skin.  But now every time I get any bumps I am scared that is what I have.  I again have bumps all over that itch really bad.  Gonna go to the doctor tomarrow and pray that is not what it is.
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my boyfriend has bumps all over his body it started off as a few and now he's covered. He went to the doctor and 3 doctors didn't know what it was, after a week he went to a dermatologist, he said he wants to say its scabies but he has nothing on his genitals so it is not. He also has no idea what it is he gave him cream and said if it didn't go away in a week he has to get a biopsy...........anyone have any answers???????
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I have small red bumps everywhere that my one piece swimsuit is.
my mom and i think it has something to do with not washing my suit (because it wears out easy in the washer and sometimes i dont wash it by hand.) I think its probably just an allergy or bacteria in my suit they itch like crazy but it makes it a little bit better to put ice on it.
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If you're fair skinned and have recently been exposed to the sun, they're probably "heat bumps" or "sun bumps". I have gotten these since I was in my younger teen years, I'm 21 now, and I only get them in extreme climates (warm, not cold) and after applying most sunscreens. You could either be extremely sensitve to the sun, or allergic to ingredients in the sunscreen you are wearing. For everyone else, I would guess you are just having an allergic reaction to something, or you have some sort of skin disease.
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am 20 years old and recently statred having red little bumps all over my hands and feet.  The next day the bumps spread on my butt cheeks and down my legs and on my elbows.  Pretty much everywhere else you can think of!! They are not on my back or stomach or breasts, which is odd, but they spread all over within two days.. I have been doing some research and have gotten quite a few opinions and we came up with scabies.  if you research scabies.. many of you will find it to be dead on when it comes to symptoms etc.  I got permethrin cream, it doesn't work immediately so we will just have to see over the next 14 days!!!  Does someone have any advice for me?!?!? :(
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My first red patch started on my chin.  It is as big as a nickel and it gets a real crusty patch to it.  Sometimes it itches and sometimes it doesn't.  All around this spot it is a patchy red color.  Now I am getting red spots that look like they are bright red then fade to a crusty patch.  Everyday I find a new one somewhere from my arms, legs, chest, nose, back etc.  It is very similar to the skin cancer spots I have burned off, can I be getting a faster growing skin cancer?
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I got some red bumps on my back which seem like they are spreading.. initially i thought it was allergy due to my bra hook rubbing against my skin as i am allergic to metals, but then it went up and i have about 5 bumps right now and they are being extremely irritating.  i also have a feeling they are slowly spreading.  i am not sure how i got these.  i ate outside, like i mostly do and i also stayed at a Shereton hotel last night.  The hotel wasn't dirty, but then again, you can never tell i guess.  I am afraid i picked up something nasty.  I have a bike ride tomorrow and i just don't want to deal with this right now.  Any ideas around getting rid of them fast!!
I am a 26 yr old asian female.  
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