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red flaky and slightly peeling skin on penis

hello im having a problem my penis recently became irratated an itcjy with peeling skin slightly is this an std or disease im only 13 and too scared to talk to my parents aso will this go away please help me

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You probably have jock itch. I have the same thing too and it has a burning sensation and red rashes around the groin area and scrotum skin.. Go buy some antifungal cream or gel.
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I had red dry and sometimes itchy patch on the head of my penis. After some research I found Hydrocortisone creme once a day for a week made it go away completely. good luck.
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I too have the flaky skin, irritation, red underneath, 1/3 of head and surrounding shaft. I used Triple-Antibiotic ointment for a while and it slowly got better, then I started masturbating with eucerine lotion and it flared up and got really raw, itchy, and sensitive. In these other posts someone mentioned psoriasis, which I have had on my head and leg since a toddler. I am hoping it is and isn't that. I have a full battery of STD tests coming up which should all pass as negative since I just ended a marriage of 5 years. But the person that mentioned psoriasis said that they haven't found a cure yet. I know ultraviolet treatments are good. I haven't been tanning in 8 years so maybe I should start back up. Anyways, good luck, If I find out more I'll return and post.
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