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red itchy swollen eyelid (ONE eye only)

for the last year or so I have had a strange problem with my left eyelid - the part of the upper lid right above the crease swells up (I can see a "pocket" swollen with fluid - that's the only way I can describe it) so that it reaches (falls) all the way to my upper lashes (normally the whole part of the upper eyelid that touches the eyeball is visible). In a day the part that was swollen becomes reddish right above the crease and itches, in the next two-three days it becomes scaley and dry. The whole thing happens ONLY on the left eyelid, never on the right one. I saw an ophtalmologist a year ago, he said I was allergic to an eye cream, should use Cetaphil instead, put cortisone ointment and prescribed Patanol drops. I followed the directions, the problem subsided, and after several weeks came back, again on the left only. In the meantime, I stayed away from any eye creams and only used Cetaphil or nothing at all. And it's been like this, off an on all the time. I did not use any eye make up at the time. Several months ago I started using make up again, had no problems, and then out of the blue, again, my left eyelid got swollen, then red, then itchy and then scaley. The skin on my eyelid is so stretched now that even when it's not swollen, it droops over my eyelashes. I went to see an ophtalmologist again recently, but he said he it was probalbly from sleeping on my side (which I did not really buy).

I started looking for solutions online, came across this board and started following the advice I found - wash my eyelids with SteriLid by TheraTears and put Aquaphor ointment. It seemed to help at first, I was thrilled for a week, and then again, after five days of my therapy, last Saturday I woke up with the left eyelid swollen, the part right above the crease reddish and itchy, same on Sunday, and it's been like this until today, itchy, reddish and scaley. I am also feeling pressure on my left eyeball from the top, like coming right from the part where the eyelid becomes red. Please, someone help!!!! I am going crazy with this. It seems putting eye creams away does nothing at all - I get this thing with no cream at all. HELP!!!
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Hello, my daughter developed a problem similar to yours after using some halloween face make up. It took me a while to realize that there was a problem then we started trying various things. At the moment, we keep the eye lid hydriated with moisturiser which has no additives and when she's sitting watching tv, I get her to hold a cold compress on the eye to reduce swelling. Also, she used to sleep with a sleep mask which I threy out after I discovered it was developing an odour. Nothing has worked completly, some days are better than others. As to the scally aspect of the skin, we did seem to cure with an eye cortate cream prescribed by the optomitriste!
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I used to have a problem like that as well.  It was a combined allergic reaction to a number of things.  First, I had changed contact lens solution, and the new one I was using had an ingredient that was causing these problems for me.  Second, I had been using a new detergent when washing clothes (clorox two for colors), and third, I have delayed food allergies to shrimp and dairy products, so all these things combined were causing me to have your exact same symptoms for a over a month.  I read up on my symptoms, and put two and two together.  When i got rid of these things from my life, I completely healed.  Maybe you are eating something that is causing these problems?  Have you changed eye solution?  Have you been using a different shampoo/conditioner or body wash?  Try to think back on when the symptoms started and if you had changed anything in your diet or usual routine.  I hope you feel better!
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I have the exact problem on the exact same eyelid and acnnot find ANY solutions either. The eyelid swelling is now drooping over the eye so that I always think I see something in the corner of my eye but it's the swelling I keep seeing! HELP!
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Mario badescu control cream...after months of anguish I read this on a thread and it worked like a charm on my dry cracked eyelid within two days. I was so grateful to get that info that I have to help others with the same problem. Order online for $18
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I cannot tell you how happy I was to read your post.  I have the EXACT same problem - but it's with both eyes.  I saw a dermatologist who perscribed Elidel cream for a month and it isn't working.  I have a friend who had it and she said she received a steroid shot and it totally went away.  Her Dr. thought it was sinus fluid pooling in her eye duct area at night that was causing it.  I'm now having flare ups in the evening as well as the morning - - so I'm not so sure about this theory.  I have not used any new products nor is any of my make up old or possibly contaminated.   I had a flare up last night (severe itching, redness and swelling) and have had NOTHING on my face but washed with Johnson & Johnson Purpose Face wash and put moisturizer on my forehead only since Friday (it's now Monday).  And I had a flare up last night after all that time with no make-up...so I'm dashing that theory as well.  This whole thing is SO frustrating.  I'm going later this week for patch testing as now the thought is perhaps it's a food allergy.  I'll let you know what comes of it all...
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Omg I'm reading these and thinking to myself how scary!!! I have the EXACT same thing!!! I went to the dr. and was told it was a bacterial infection and was given a $60 eye drop prescription. Been using it for 2 weeks and nothing. Some days is better then others. I can be sitting at work and it will flare up, or wake up in the morning and it will be swollen. After being swollen then it starts to turn red, it burns and it cracks and becomes very dry. I use aquaphor, and a warm washcloth for my dry cracked eyes and a cold frozen washcloth for my swollen eyes :( this is really starting to becoming a problem for me.... 2 months into this!!!
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I read all these posts and it really concerns me that NO ONE, knows what exactly this problem is, and THAT is scary. I have been having the same symtoms, itchy, redness, swollen, burning, droopy elyelids. Sometimes I feel that I am going crazy trying to find out what it is. I am going to the dermatologist today, and I hope they don't tell me that the reason is cause I am getting old, or give me any meds they have prescribed to all of you. I am really worried that nothing will work. I hope there is something out there that will work and none of us have to suffer any more. After this appointment, I will be going to an Alergist Specialist. I will keep u posted.
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It sounds like Blepharitis, which I also have. My doctor recommended using Systane Lid Wipes everyday. You have to actually wipe the inner edges of the eyelid at the eyelash lines as that is where the infection is.  I also read a comment somewhere online once that said to use Wet Ones to wipe your eyes as there seems to be an ingredient in there that works. The Wet Wipes do the trick for me when I have a flare up.
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I also have this! Searching for answers. Have been to various specialists. Nobody knows what it is! Last one told me he has never come across such a phenomenom in his 40 years as an eye doctor (and he's a renowned specialist)! He decided the droopiness in my left eye was the most important factor in all this and wants me to get checked out for ptosis and undergo a CT, although that eyelid is also swollen and red, not only droopy, and all this only occurs towards the evening.
Have been trying a few things, including steroids, eye drops, topical antibiotics and oral antihistamines, but to no avail.
Please someone let me know if you find a cure!  
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I have this same condition in my left eye.  I seemed to be able to partially control it with antihistamines, but lately that doesn't seem to be working as good.  Each night at bedtime, I put Vaseline on my lid and under my eye where the redness is.  But it just relieves it temporarily and in a few days it's red and itchy and flaky skin.  Then it starts all over again -- red, itchy, flaky skin.  I haven't got to a doctor as I didn't think it was so important, but was surprised to see there are many of you out there that have the exact same thing.  Hoping that soon someone will come up with a solution.  I will go to a doctor now and see what they say
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