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redness/rash on one side of my face

Hi there,

Approximately a year ago I noticed a very small red dot on my cheek under my eye. It didn't protrude or look like a pimple - in fact, it looked a bit more like a tiny gash, as though I had been poked there.. It stayed there far a surprising amount of time, perhaps a few weeks, maybe even a month, before it started spreading, and now, a year later, it has become a red rash-like thing on my cheek.

I want to a doctor who immediately said it was rosacea, despite it being unusual to only ever occur on one side of my face, and gave me some cream (metro-gel) for it which immediately made it much worse.

The rash fluctuates between a scaly redness, to pimple-like blemishes, seemingly at random. I have yet to spot a pattern nor have I been able to assess the effectiveness of avenues I've taken to help. I went through a month of using tea tree solution (maybe it's mites or a fungal infection?), another month of twice-daily application of Cetaphil moisturizer (maybe it's just dry skin?) but the symptoms fluctuate during these tests, leaving me bewildered and frustrated.

As a kid 20 years ago, I had terrible acne, although I was prone to big zits, not a scaly redness. I went on Accutane and it worked like a charm. I mention this because perhaps my dried-up oil glands are causing a dry patch of skin, although, admittedly, it doesn't feel or look like what I understand dry skin to resemble.

Another thing I figure might be worth mentioning is that during a very stressful period of my life, I got shingles twice, and this rash is on the same side of my body.

The rash is on the side of my face that I spend 90% of my time asleep laying on, so, thinking that it might be a laundry soap allergy, I changed my detergent and even bought a new pillow and sheets. This didn't seem to help at all.

I have been waiting on a call from a dermatologist, whom my doctor made a referral to, for months and figured that I would post this here to see if anyone has experienced something similar while I wait.


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An image of the rash itself.
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How old are you now? What else do you put on your face: creams, chemicals, did you try anti-histamine or OTC cortisone. I think the dermatologist may rule out more serious issues, What foods did you start eating a year ago?
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it could be an immune disorder, or a dermatitis.
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shampoos, dust mites, could be a fungal infection, or sebbhoric dermatitis.
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