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repair skin barrier

Last march I used new product and skin reacted very badly, dry, red scaly. For about 3 months after I tried using various moisturisers (with few weeks between each one) all of which caused reactions, some major others minor. I then went few months applying nothing but this was in summer, and whilst I stayed out of the midday heat I was exposed to late afternoon sun regularly which I fear worsened my skin. After seeing derm who said  I had small pathces of ezema (serb D) I then tried few more products but everything still reacted (jojoba oil, shea butter, la roche posay, Avene, Cetaphil, baby products etc etc). Some times reactions were not face reddening but breakouts of larger pores and skin looking older and more grainy.

I now think my problem is my skin barrier is so damaged that any ingredient I put on it reacts thus prohibiting the skin repairing. As a result I am now intending to go 6 months without using anything, eating super healthy (i do anyway), supplements, wash face with bottled water only at night, and no sun rays.

I would just like your thought on this. My skin does look healthier when I leave it for few weeks, but it is still dry. Will it heal by itself and hpw long will it take.?

Thanks for your help
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Thanks very much for your reply. I should have mentioned I had a patch test done, was only allergic to citronella so been told I have sensitive skin syndrome......hence reacting to everything. I've tried olive oil and shea butter and reacted to them so worry that homemade ingredients will still react but I will give it ago and hope it is ok.  Thanks

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Welcome to the Dermatology Expert Forum! We admire your determination to get yourself well.

It seems that everything started with contact dermatitis you had developed after applying a new product. Therefore, it would be very good to determine causative ingredient(s). Detailed medical history plus patch testing (on standard and cosmetic antigens) could provide much needed answers.

If you have atopic eczema or seborrhoic dermatitis, or any other skin condition, acute stages should be medically treated as that will speed up the recovery of the skin barrier function.  

Healthy lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, inspiring social activities, etc.) is the best way to maintain overall good health and reverse aging. Still, skin should be protected from outside as well, especially from UV rays and other damaging environmental factors. Skin dryness that you are experiencing should be addressed topically. After you determine what cosmetic ingredients you are sensitive to, you will be able to choose the “safe” products that do not contain those antigens. For example, your topical routine could be as simple as applying fresh, home-made preparations for skin utilizing organic, eatable ingredients only.

Wishing You Optimal Health,
Dr. Jasmina Jankicevic
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