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sebaceous cysts/ unsual growth under scrotum


I am 23 male. I have an unusual growth under my scrotum which I found with the help of internet to be as sebaceous cysts or something related to sweat glands. This outgrowth has been there for about 8 years, atleast that is when i noticed about this. It could be more. The size has gradually increased over the years.. not very drastic but gradually. And it is not just one spot, it covers almost 1/4 of my scrotum like many of them. If i try to squeeze out, there is a white fluid coming out like puss kind of but it hurts too if i do it. This is being a concern for me. I also read somewhere it usually occurs but they disappear as time goes by but it hasn't in my case. Are there medications i should try out ? Will doing laser be the answer ?
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Steatocystoma multiplex.
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a quick google said that removing them thru laser seems to be the best option. do you think so ?
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Surgery and lasers are the options. Do consult your doc.
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