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seborrheic dermatitis

if someone has  seborrheic dermatitis patches around the lips and chin, does it means he has HIV, or is seborrheic dermatitis a common skin condition that affect many people.
People with seborrheic dermatitis should go automatically get an HIV test based on this skin condition
the are always gets irritated after shaving, and flakes
I was researching the net and HIV pops up a lot with this skin conditions
It seems I had seborrheic dermatitis for a while, it's just now I am looking into treating it
Is it Chronic and curable or it just fluctuates and manageable?
Is it directly related to HIV, or it's just a common condition?
Thank you doctor for you response
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You bet it's common.  babies get it all the time--it's called cradle cap--and people of all ages get it too, with nothing else wrong with them.  If there's no other reason to suspect HIV, having seborrhea shouldn't make you think you have HIV disease.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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I still dont know what is going on...  since my first outbreak (7 months ago)  that I thought was MCV (which it wasn't) I'm now on my third...  I tested negative for HSV-1 & 2, thank Christ.  

Still though - My upper lip is blistering (chapped and small blisters) like a cold sore over the whole lip, (ONLY EXTREMELY ITCHY...  no pain or scabbing or anything) then once that starts getting better, it moves to my lower lip (two times now).  Upper lip starts, then eyes, ears, nose, cheeks around nose, and genitals...  man, I'm a wreck when this happens.  This tie (3rd time, no red bumps on genitals which is nice) I know it's not MCV or either HSVs.  So I'm thinking it's just a combo of some weird fungal infection combined with mild exema possibly, and just having ***** skin.  HA!

If any of this sounds familiar, please let me know.

Been to the doctors and been tested...  he thinks it's HSV-1 (which Acyclovir isn't helping any & which I tested negative for) and he "thinks" it's a fungal infection downstairs combined with allergies.

Allergy medicine isn't doing a damn thing.  Acyclovir isn't doing a damn thing.  

Lysine and Carmex are my best friends.  

This time it's not nearly as bad as the July incident...
Been to the Doctor's THREE TIMES and I'm outta insurance and can't make it to the doc's again for a couple weeks... GAH!!

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I have had a problem with my eyelids and sometimes under my eye where the skin swells and gets red and very itchy.  We thought this was allergies and I used antihistamines orally as well as antihitime drops this really doesn't work too well.  I am beginnig to think I have some other condition of the skin.  They have treated it as exzema but that doesn't seem to be the answer and I really am beginning to think possibly some kind of fungu bacterea?  I also have a small dry red patch on my buttock, and one under my arm they are not as bothersome as my eyes.  i do think I need some different advice, please help.

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