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sever bloody diaper rash?

my 9 month old has battled yeast infections since he was 3 weeks old. we always have a persctiption for nystatin wating for us... recently it hasnt been working....  it is now so bad that it is bleeding. the last cream he was on was..Clotrimazole & Betamethasome Dipropionate cream usp....

and still nothing.. i feel terribly. my pedi said it could be ebcause i had been feeding him yogurt every day for the past 3 months. then i havnt been as much lately.. i just feel so bad.. any ideas?
ive tried  A&D ointment, Desitan, different powders, corn starch.. you name it.. its been progressivly getting worse for the past 6 weeks... please help my poor baby
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To treat diaper rash,pls try to avoid vigorous rubbing of sore areas.Also use a squirt bottle and then pat dry the area.Also let your child’s bottom air dry for a few minutes and then apply any over the counter diaper creams or barrier creams containing zinc oxide.Also discontinue disposable diapers and shift to cloth diapers for some time.However take precaution to change the wet diapers and also wash the diapers in unscented laundry detergent.If the symptoms persist then mild steroid creams or antibiotic creams may be required which are available by prescription.If the symptoms still persist then pls get your baby evaluated for eczema.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how your baby is doing or if you have any additional dobts.Kind regards.

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