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skin abscess

i have an abscess on my thigh
its red and  painful
i went to the doctor and he only gave me antibiotics!
my question is, are the antibiotics enough ... or a surgery to drain the abscess is required??
Plz help me
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Hey, I have a reddish raised itchy bump on my thigh too!  It's painful when I scratch it.  I am worried about this thing.  Your's sounds like a cyst!  ...which is common.

Antibiotics??  for what?  hmmmm, that sounds just not right.  But I'm not a doctor.  Maybe he/she knows something but antibiotics sounds like Staff Infection to me.

I hope it's healed up for you.  I have yet to go to the doctor and have mine looked at.  It is just plain reddish and itches all of the time.
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he told me it is an abscess
abscess is caused by bacterial or parastic infection
thats why he gave me antibiotics
but i am afraid that it may spread
that's why i am asking if the surgery is important or no?
mine is not itchy
you must see the doctor

However, thanks
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Hi nona87,

Your doctor is correct. It is caused by bacteria and antibiotics are the initial level of treatment. Surgical drainage may be required if the lesion does not heal. It is usually kept as back up measure.

I hope you get better with the antibiotics. Please let us know if you may have any other queries.

Best regards.
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Hi kathtus,

It is unclear if what you have is an abscess, since they are usually associated with pain. Does it have a lot of itching?

How long have you noticed it now?

Are there any other similar lesions?

Is it very itchy?

This could be an incompletely healed abscess or infection.
It is best that you see your doctor and get a definite diagnosis on this.

Hope this helped. Let us know if there are any other queries and keep us posted on your health.

Best regards
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Thanks alot for replying
i will tell you if anything worse happened
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Sure, keep us posted on your health and let us know if you have any other queries.

Best regards
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It is called Hidradenitis Suppurativa.
I have it too. Have it drained but hot compresses let it pop on it's own. contact me and we will discuss this further.


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Do you have any other symptoms?

Thank you.
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