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Two months ago I found a dark raised bump on the back of my upper thigh when I was taking a shower.  I am the worst picker...so I began to pick at the spot.  It just bled.  The next day there was just a scab.   Two weeks later I picked off the scab.  I was left with redness and inflammation.  Now it has been two months since I discovered the bump and now it is just a white circle with hyperpigmentation around the white circle.  The dark bump is gone.  I went to the derm. and by the looks of the lesion he felt it was a picked hair follicle.  I'm just concerned because the bump was dark and raised.  The derm. did not suggest a biopsy...  Should I have a biopsy of the lesion?  Can you pick off melanoma?  The lesion looks healed...just scared.
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So let me get this correct- You cannot pick off a melanoma lesion. So therefore, being that my lesion is healing (looking better) there is almost no chance that it is a melanoma.  I just really want to get this off my mind and enjoy the winter holidays.  I plan to keep a calm eye on the lesion to see if there are any changes.  If it appears dark and raised again, then I plan to revisit the derm.  How long do you think I can expect the white circle(a little pink) with dark discoloration around it?  Is this a scar?  How long will it take to fade?
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I think that the dermatologist is right in saying that it is simply a picked hair follicle.It has happened after trauma and so chances of melanoma are less.Melanomas are usually >6 mm in size,with irregular borders ,asymmetrical and dark in color.Melanomas cannot be picked.So rest assured that this healed lesion can be a melanoma.If however it appears again and starts increasing in size even without trauma inflicted to it,then skin biopsy may be needed.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted if you have any additional queries.
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